Chapter Eight (Part 2)

Happiness washed over Melanie’s face. She jumped up and down, her blonde locks bouncing.

“Jensen baked more brownies, you’ll love them Roxie!”

“I think you’ve had enough though miss troublesome,” Jensen chuckled, picking his sister up and setting her on the counter. She pouted but it didn’t seem to work. “Clearly, the sugar has been working on you.”

I stood firmly where I was, analyzing the scene in front of me. Melanie was eyeing the brownies, probably hoping to steal one but my full attention was on Jensen. After Nancy and Drew had joined our little group that night, not a word had been exchanged between the two of us except for a ‘goodnight’. I knew destiny had a couple tricks up its sleeve but I certainly didn’t think I’d be running into him so soon.

“Do you want one?” Jensen asked quietly.

How harmful could it be to eat one brownie? With a small nod, I stepped forward and joined the two of them, plopping down onto an unoccupied stool.

“When did you come home?” I whispered.

“About an hour ago. You were napping on the couch and I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Was Melanie awake when you got here?”

He shook his head, smiling. “The little angel was in bed as well, sucking on her thumb.” He reached across the counter and ruffled up her hair before picking her up and setting her down on his lap.

“I want a brownie,” she moaned. “Now now now.”

“Alright Queen Grumpy.”

Clutching her plate tightly to her chest, Melanie said, “I’m going to be in my room eating my brownie with my friends.” I was smart enough to know that by ‘friends’, she meant the variety of dolls she’d introduced me to in teatime. “When are mom and dad coming home Jense?”

“Soon dear.” He smiled at her affectionately, the light in his eyes dancing around.

“Okay. You two are not welcome to my party so don’t come upstairs!”

Melanie walked out the kitchen after saying that, with a little skip in her steps. 

The End

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