Chapter Seven (Part 5)

I had to admit to myself, grudgingly, that Jensen hadn’t been lying about at least one thing in his life. Melanie was indeed a great kid. After going absolutely chocolate-crazy in the kitchen, Melanie had taken me to her room where we’d had an enjoyable tea-party with Mr. Fuzzy the Teddy and Mrs. Sting the Bee. And then, while having a simple lunch that I’d cooked up of spaghetti and meatballs, Melanie and I had settled into the TV room to watch her favorite Barbie movie – The Princess and the Pauper (which even I found myself enjoying).

At one point, she’d even hugged me and said, “Don’t hate me for saying this but I’m happy Lea’s sick. You’re really fun.” Wow. Since when had I become likable with kids? The one time I’d babysat, it had been a total disaster. I guess somewhere along the witty dialogues I’d cooked up while talking to Mr. Fuzzy, and singing along to one of the songs I’d known in the movie, Melanie and I had bonded.

After putting her to bed for her nap, I’d closed the door and sauntered down the spiral staircase. I’d been really tempted to slide down the banister but I didn’t want to take the risk…not yet.

Taking my phone out of my pocket, I crossed the hall and entered the living room. I snuggled up one of the couches after kicking off my shoes.

“Lea, Lea, Lea, where are art thou?” I flicked through my contact list before finally finding her under the title ‘Ms. Insanity’. It rang two times before Jet picked up.

“Hey Roxanne, how’s it going?”

“Pretty good actually. Melanie’s fun and not at all spoiled like I’d imagined.”

“Told you so,” I heard Lea say, sounding smug.

“She’s napping right now. So anyways, what are you two up to?”

“Watching a movie,” they both said at the same time.

“You must be feeling better then,” I said to Lea.

“Mhmm. I guess the meds are working.”

“The doctor said you had to get some shut-eye too so you better turn off the television and have some rest,” I commanded, sounding like a concerned sister for once.

“I’ll make sure she does Roxanne, don’t worry,” Jet replied. “There’s something Lea wants to ask you though.”

“Oh great, not another question,” I groaned. 

The End

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