Chapter Seven (Part 3)

God give me strength.

I drummed my fingers on the steering wheel, using the GPS system in the car to help navigate my way towards the Reed’s/Sterling’s house. Just like ours, it was located in a typical rich-family estate. Jensen had never really told me much about his family, even in the past. The only clue I’d had is that his father owned this really wealthy company just like the Storm’s. No wonder they lived in such a high-class place.

Parking the car near the manor which looked quite similar to ours, I got out and walked towards the woman who I presumed was Mrs. Reeds. She looked like she belonged to royalty; her long blonde curls combed neatly with bright blue eyes that skimmed over me. I suddenly felt the need to have dressed up rather than worn my favorite blue jeans and a casual tank top.

“Hello, Roxanne.” Mrs. Reeds stuck out her hand and I shook it, forcing a smile onto my face.

“Hi Mrs. Reeds.”

“I would just like you to know how very grateful I am that you’ve come over in the last minute. I hope it isn’t too much of a bother. My husband and I will be out for most of the day, but I’ve written down some contacts incase of emergency. You can find it over on the kitchen counter.”

I nodded, trying to keep up as she was speaking so fast.

“Oh, and everything you need is in the kitchen so help yourself dear.”

“Thank you ma’am,” I said politely.

The front door opened and out stepped the one and only Mr. Sterling – Jensen’s father. He looked so scarily alike to his son – the same eyes, facial structure, and build. And unlike his wife, I could easily picture Mr. Sterling cooking a barbecue out in the evenings with his family. He didn’t seem as official.

“Oh wow. Roxanne Payes,” he grinned at me and my eyes almost popped out. I felt like I was talking to an older version of Jensen.

“Y-you know me Sir?”

“I recognize you. Jensen’s told me a lot about you.” He shook hands with me as well but his handshake wasn’t as firm. More loose, more friendly. “I wish I could stay around and get to know you more but we really have to be going now. Maybe another time.” With a wink, he placed his hand on Mrs. Reed’s lower back and guided her towards the car that was waiting for them.

I blinked and even after their car had driven away, I was standing there like a complete dolt. I’d never once met Mr. Sterling before but he’d talked to me just now like I was a good family friend of his. And that bit about recognizing me? How was that even possible?

The End

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