Chapter Seven (Part 2)

What I’d said must have been quite significant as Lea’s eyes widened like an owl’s, and she looked like she might throw up again.

“Crud! I’d completely forgotten!” She half-shouted, running her hands through her hair in frustration. “Pick up and just tell her I won’t be able to make it!”

With no idea whatsoever of what she was referring to, I did as she instructed, turning on the loudspeaker option. “Hello?”

The woman sounded like she was in a hurry as she said, “Hi Lea, it’s Mrs. Reeds. You were supposed to be here around fifteen minutes ago, where are you?” 

“Mrs. Reeds, this is Roxanne speaking. I’m Lea’s sisters. Lea’s really sick actually so she won’t be able to make it.”

Lea gave me a thumbs-up from across the room.

“Oh dear, I really need a baby-sitter though. My husband and I are headed out all day for an important meeting.”

I bit down on my lip, wondering what to say to that when I saw Lea signaling me to say something. She kept jabbing her finger in my direction as if to say ‘you! You!’ I shook my head violently at her, no way was I baby-sitting anyone.

“I really can’t afford to stay back now,” Mrs. Reeds sounded quite desperate and with a sigh, knowing that I would probably regret this later, I said, “I can babysit.”

“That’s great! Thank you dear. Lea knows the address so she could give it to you, and we’ll be out from noon till half past eight. Please do hurry up!”

The line went dead. 

My grip tightened so badly on the phone that I feared I might break it. Lea, seeing the way my face changed drastically, disappeared under her sheets.

“Now Roxanne, don’t lash out on her,” Jet said sternly, playing the protective role as the boyfriend. “She’s sick enough as it is.”

“How the heck am I supposed to baby-sit a kid for seven hours?! I can’t even take care of her for half an hour without going insane!”

“Roxanne, c’mon,” Jet said, giving me the whole ‘be-a-little-sympathetic’ face. Taking a deep breath to try and calm myself, I sat down on the edge of her heavily contaminated bed. Lea peeked out from below and said in a tiny voice, “You’re not going to yell at me?”

“I will when you get better,” I grumbled. “Now before I go, can you please tell me which kid I’m baby-sitting and if there’s anything I should know such as allergies or whatnot.”

“Okay…well, don’t freak out alright?”

“More than she already has?” Jet joked which earned him a deathly glare.

“There’s nothing you really need to know about her allergies and stuff, she’s completely okay in that way. But make sure you let her nap at around a quarter past two or she’ll get cranky.”

“Her being…”

Lea cringed. “Melanie.”   

The End

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