Chapter Six (Part 6)

“Hey! Roxanne!” I looked past Jensen to see Bailey waving over at me. “You two are with me, c’mon already!”

Jensen and I were the last to follow, with the next pair at least ten feet ahead of us. I wanted to say something really charming, but the most sensible thing that came to my mind was, “Do you like insects?” Jensen beat me to it though.

“So what’s the next come-back you girls have up your sleeve?”

It took me a while to realize what he was referring to but when I did, I couldn’t help but grin. “I can’t tell you Jensen. That would ruin the surprise.”

“I need some kind of a clue Roxie.”

Roxie? That was a new one. I liked it, especially the way it sounded when he said it.

“Well…let’s just say it’s something very furry.” I got a puzzled look in return. “My lips are sealed.”

He let out a puff of air and I had a feeling he didn’t like furry things. Jensen was muttering something to himself, probably going over the possibilities of what my next brilliant plan might be. I kept my eyes glued to the people in front of us. I really didn’t want to get lost, but again, I don’t think I would mind getting lost in the woods. I had my insect repellent, and I had Jensen. What else did I need?

“So to tell me more about your family.” He didn’t look like he was saying that just to fill in the silence between us, but like he actually wanted to know. Slipping my hands into my pockets, I gave a little shrug.

“There’s not much to say really. It used to be just me and my mom.”

“Used to be?”

I looked down at the ground, kicking away some of the rocks and pebbles. “Yeah. She remarried three years ago. And now I have a sister and a dad.”

“That must be weird.” He smiled at me understandingly. “I mean suddenly having two random strangers pop into your family, it takes a while to get used to, doesn’t it?”

“I’m still not used to it to be honest. I don’t think I’ll ever be.” The only person I’d talked to about this part of my life was Nancy. It made me feel better that Jensen wasn’t getting bored of me already. “What about you?”

“Nothing much to say about me. Normal family, normal life,” he muttered, sounding uninterested all of a sudden.

“Okay.” I had a feeling that it was something he didn’t want to talk about. It was cool, I wouldn’t bug him about it. Then, out of nowhere, I heard a random click. My head turned towards the source of the sound and I saw Jensen standing still, looking down at his camera.

“Hey! Did you just take a picture of me?”

“Psht. No. I took one of the tree behind you.”

“Liar.” I grabbed the camera from him and clicked on the button that would load the images. And there I was, looking absolutely…well ugly, would be too nice a word. My eyes were fixed on the distance, cheeks a little chubby and I didn’t even want to get started on my hair. “How do you delete this?”

“Oh no, my camera, my choice on what to delete and what to keep.” Jensen tried taking his camera away from me but I turned around, trying to go through the menu towards the ‘Delete your images’ option. “Roxie, give it back.”

“No way, I’m the one in the picture, I get a say in this.” Just as I was about to delete it, he stole the camera away from me with a sharp tug. Placing my hands on my hips, I tried to look annoyed. “You can’t just-”


The End

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