Chapter Six (Part 5)

“Campers! Gather around!”

We clustered together, focusing our attention on the two counselors in front of us. One of them was Bailey and she smiled at me, spotting me within the group. The other was this guy named Brandon, who I had a feeling, was Bailey’s boyfriend.

“Now, I hope you all have your supplies just in case you need them. Those of you who aren’t sure you want to go ahead with this activity can back out now as it’s your only shot. Once we’re in, we ain’t coming out.”

“Great. That’s what it’s going to read on my gravestone – killed by a variety of insect creatures.”

“Sshh,” I said to Nancy who rolled her eyes at me. She was only doing this because I’d pulled her into it. Finally one girly activity to do together before the end of the summer – trekking into the forest.

“Did you bring your insect repellent?” She asked for the gazillionth time. “We might need it in case we get lost or something.”

“Yeah, that’s what we need. If we lose the trail, insect repellent is what’s going to save us,” I shot back sarcastically.

“Now I want each of you to pair up with someone!”

“Done,” I said. Nancy muttered something a little less enthusiastic that made me want to pinch her. But before I could tell her to perk up a little, I saw dirty-blonde hair make its way over to us. I groaned.

“Look who it is,” Nancy cheered.

I would have taken out my insect repellent spray and used it on Drew; if it weren’t for the fact that Jensen was accompanying him. 

“You two are doing this activity as well? I never would have guessed!” Drew drawled mockingly.

“Do you want to be my partner?” Nancy asked eagerly.

“Hey! You’re my partner.” I took hold of her hand and yanked her to my side.

“Oh c’mon Roxanne, be a good sport.”

If looks could kill, Drew would have dropped dead right then and there. When Nancy wasn’t looking at him, he folded his hands together and made a pleading face. With a heavy sigh, I let go of her and she smiled.

“Thanks, I owe you one RoRo,” she whispered so only I could hear her before walking over to Drew’s side who led her away, leaving me alone with Jensen.

I cleared my throat, feeling a little nervous. “So I guess that means you and I are a couple.” My eyes widened. Stuttering, I said, “I mean a team. Not couple.”

Jensen gave me one of his boyish little grins that had my heart swimming around in a pool of happiness. “We’ll see about that,” he winked. 

The End

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