Chapter Six (Part 2)


“What?” I asked, looking at Nancy with worry in my eyes.

“There’s a spider on your shoulder,” she squeaked.

I rolled my eyes and without even looking, flicked it off me.

Nancy shuddered. “Good thing I brought the insect repellent.”

I fought a smile and rested my chin on my knees, hugging them closer to my chest as I breathed in deeply once more. I just couldn’t get enough of the scent of nature, of the wet grass and natural vegetation. It was amazing.

Nancy took off her socks and then dipped her feet into the pond, causing little ripples to break out on the surface. We’d run into loads of campers after unpacking and getting ourselves settled in and comfortable for the next month of fun that was about to unfold. Most of them were oldies, and told us stories about the ‘capture the flag’ games and all the other activities.

I couldn’t wait to join the Arts and Crafts team which was responsible for making beads and necklaces for the campers at the end of each summer, so they had something to take with them as a memory of their time at the camp.

“Do you think we’re the only newbies here this summer?” She asked, seeming to be thinking along the same lines as I was.

“I doubt it. We just haven’t run into any others yet. Some of them might arrive tomorrow, who knows?”

“I hope the two other girls who’re going to join us in our cabin will be nice.”

“I’m sure they’ll be,” I said, looking at Nancy over my shoulder and giving her an encouraging smile.

“So anyways, I’m waiting for Drew to ask me out. But he just doesn’t seem interested.” She sighed, saddened as she tucked her face into her legs, refusing to look at me. “I thought he liked me back, especially when he gave me that bracelet for Valentine’s Day.”

“Nancy; we promised each other this summer wasn’t going to be about guys.”

“I know, I know. I just can’t stop thinking about him.”

With a sigh, I scooted over and put my arm around her. “C’mon. It’s obvious Drew likes you. He’s liked you ever since he first met you.”

“Oh yeah? How can you be so sure?”

“Well after meeting you for the first time two and a half years ago, whenever him and I hung out, he couldn’t stop talking about you for like a week. It was always Nancy-this and Nancy-that.”

Nancy peeked up at me, her eyes curious. “Keep going.”

“You know when we started choosing our after school activities? He would always ask me which ones you were taking so he could do those as well. He’s been crushing on you for years Nancy.”

“But then why hasn’t he asked me out yet?”

I sighed for the billionth time, squeezing her shoulder. “I have no idea. He’s shy maybe?” I shrugged. “A girl can never make sense of the way a guy’s mind works.”

Her head perked up, mouth dropping open.

“I know, I know, shocking news, eh?”

She shook her head sharply. It was then that I noticed that Nancy’s gaze was directed towards something past me. Turning around to see what she was gawking at, my heart almost stopped in my chest.

Drew. But that wasn’t the reason I was on the verge of getting a heart-attack. It was who Drew was with that caught my attention. It was his friend, the guy Drew had introduced to me a few years ago and the one that I’d been majorly attracted to ever since.

All I wanted to do right then and there was get up and make a run for it. Go back to the cabin, comb my hair neatly so it wasn’t as messed up as it was now, maybe even put on a little make-up? But I didn’t get the chance to do that as right that second, his eyes locked with mine. 

The End

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