Chapter Six (Part 1)


“We’re finally here girls!”

I looked out the window, my face planted against the glass. Nancy peered from over my shoulder, at the lush green surroundings and at the lake. I could not wait to go canoeing; and to explore the woods with the other campers.

“Tonight’s going to be our first bonfire!” Nancy whispered, her blue eyes lighting up in excitement. I turned to face her, both of us squealed as we hugged each other. Nancy and I had been dying to go to this summer camp and when our parents let us, we were both super hyped about it.

Mom had agreed to drive us there and it was only about forty five minutes away from the city. I breathed in the fresh air, sighing. This was going to be one amazing summer with just me and Nancy, enjoying our time together. After finishing sixth grade, all Nancy and I wanted to do was relax. No more guys, no more drama, no more nothing. Only just us having a blast.

After mom parked the car and Nancy and I got our bags out from the back, she gave us both a hug and then told me, “Don’t forget to call during the weekends okay? Lea’s really going to be missing you.”

“Well too bad she couldn’t make it in time for camp,” I said, not sounding sympathetic at all. One of the major reasons I’d been anticipating this summer was the fact that Lea would not be a part of it. I didn’t hate her or anything, but at times, she was a little too much to handle. Besides, Nancy and I had more in common so I preferred hanging out with her over my crazy step-sister any day.

“Take care of yourself dears!” My mom said one more time before getting into the car and driving away. Nancy and I picked up our bags, chattering happily as we headed over to the head cabin where all the new campers should go.

“I really hope we’re put in the same cabin,” I muttered, crossing my fingers.

“I don’t think they have any rule on that, I mean we can surely switch around once we become friends with the other campers,” Nancy reassured me.

Once we walked in, we were greeted by a girl – one of the counselors – who looked only about sixteen or so.

“Hi!” She said, flashing a great big smile. “New campers, I believe?”

We both nodded.

“Names please?”

We registered ourselves and after a few minutes of the girl ticking us off a list of all the campers expected to arrive, she tilting her head towards the bulletin behind her, and said, “You can check that out to see which cabin you’re both in. Get settled in and come on out and explore the area. It’s great, and you two will have loads of fun.”

“Thanks Bailey,” Nancy and I said politely. Setting our bags down, we hopped over and looked through the various names on the paper pinned to the board. Finally, I found mine.

“Roxanne Payes – cabin number two.”

“I’m in two as well!” We let out another happy squeal which gained a few looks from the people around us but I didn’t really care. Yup, this summer was going to be great.

The End

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