Chapter Five (Part 6)

The four of us shared a glance. “It’ll take a while,” Drew admitted.

“We have time,” Jet replied.

Nancy cleared her throat, letting us know that she would be the one to start off the long story. “Well…Roxanne and I met when we were in the fourth grade. I was a transfer student, and so she showed me around the school. We became best friends that year.” She smiled, squeezing my hand from across the table, a gesture that made me happy.

“Best friends forever,” I said softly. “And then, I introduced Nancy to Drew who took an immediate liking to him.”

“How did you and Drew know each other?” Lea asked me. She didn’t want to miss a single detail.

“We met during the after school activities programs that the school held,” Drew piped in. “Both Jensen and I were a grade above the girls, so it was a chance meeting, especially in such a huge school.”

“Wow. When did you become friends with Jensen?” I knew she was aiming this question at me as well but I refused to answer it, pursing my lips and letting Nancy do so on my behalf.

“Actually, Jensen and Drew have been friends forever. But Jensen didn’t become a part of the trio we had going on till the summer after Roxanne and I finished sixth grade. Until then, he was just some guy friend of Drew’s who we didn’t know that well.”

Jensen and I were quiet throughout the whole ‘interview’ that was going on. I didn’t know what was bothering him so much. Was he as conflicted about the past as I was?

Drew continued, “That summer, we all met in this camp. I hadn’t known the girls were coming along but that’s when we all officially became a gang.”

By the expression that crossed Lea’s face, I knew exactly what she was thinking. How the heck is that even possible – Roxanne and Jensen were friends? She hates his guts now! That exact thought was probably what provoked the next question, “Did something happen that summer?”

My heart skipped a beat. But I answered before the other three had a chance to say anything. “Not really, it was just your typical summer camp experience. We all became friends and then when the summer ended, back to school again.”

Lea’s green eyes fixed on me, and she searched my face for the lie that she’d detected in my tone. I could feel Jensen tense by my side and I willed myself not to even look at him.

The truth was a lot of things had happened that summer. Things that had started to make me feel that Jensen Sterling and I might have something more than just a friendship.

The End

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