Chapter Five (Part 5)

“Ohmigod, is that who I think it is?”

No way.” I turned around. Nancy and Drew had spotted us, or more accurately, spotted Jensen. I thanked the heavens for them interrupting us. The two of them rushed over, especially Drew who whistled lowly. “Dude!” With a wide smile, Jensen got to his feet and did the whole manly gesture – clapping each other on the shoulder.

“I haven’t seen you in years!” Drew laughed.

“Yeah, well I’m back now.” Jensen’s eyes moved over to Nancy who looked like she might melt on the spot. “Well if it isn’t Nancy Redding, my oh my,” he teased and then scooped her up into his arms. I was left standing there, feeling like a total idiot as I blinked at them.

Lea, who must have un-glued herself from Jet came to my side and nudged me on the hip. “My oh my indeed. Who are the new tootles?” I would have answered but I was too surprised to say anything, especially when my gaze zeroed in on Nancy. When she met my eyes, she blushed even more, looking embarrassed. How could she do this?

“And Lea! Great to see little-miss-crazy again too!” Drew came over and gave my very looking stunned sister a hug.

“Certainly one of the nicest strangers I’ve met,” she muttered.

“It’s Nancy and Drew,” I said, my voice coming out like a whisper. “You met them one summer?”

“Oh! The Mystery Couple!” Nancy laughed softly, probably to break the tension that was growing inside of her. “How do you guys know Jensen?”

“How could we not know him?” Drew said, sounding absolutely ecstatic. “The four of us back again – it’s like the whole gang’s reunited once more.”

“The whole gang?” Jet asked, popping up from behind Lea who looked just as lost.

“Yup, the whole gang,” I muttered lowly. Drew pulled me over, beaming as he put his arm around me and Nancy, with Jensen standing to my left. Lea’s eyes widened as she started to slowly put the pieces together.

“You four were all friends back in middle school,” she stated.

“But then Sterling here moved,” Drew punched Jensen playfully who managed a weak smile. “Leaving me alone with two old ladies.”

Nancy cracked a smile at that, slapping Drew lightly but all I could focus on was Lea. She looked…disappointed? No, not that. But I knew she would question me later on, dig into my past to know I’d hidden from her. I realized, though, that she had no such intentions as she pulled out two chairs for the new couple that joined us.

I was forced to sit very close to Jensen to make room around the small table. Lea and Jet had lost interest in the music, and the world around us. I had a feeling that Jet would not be performing for the rest of the night.

With an eager smile, she said, “Tell me everything.”

The End

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