Chapter Five (Part 4)

Jensen looked intently at me. That was the most I’d said to him all night and I even noticed that Lea was staring at me just as oddly but with a small smile on her lips.

“What?” I asked, feeling very conscious of myself. “What did I say?”

“You said ‘dad’. Not ‘Mr. Storm’, not ‘Sir’, but ‘dad’.”

I felt my face heat up. “Y-yeah well-”

“And the ‘our parents’ thing,” Jet pointed out, smiling just as warmly. I sneaked a glance at Jensen and noticed that he too was smiling, catching on to what they meant. Being the Psych-genius he was, it probably didn’t take him long to figure out my feelings on the whole family situation that I was in. But with, or without noticing, I’d referred to Lea’s father as my own.

“So anyways,” I started to ramble, hoping to get past the moment, “Lea came over that summer and Jet and I were a part of this program to help rebuild houses that had been wrecked because of the tornadoes, to help the families that were suffering and all that. Lea joined us.”

“I’d been carrying a bunch of paint cans in my arms, towards the house when some idiot walked right into me.”

Jet laughed. “’twas an accident.”

“Not,” Lea snapped. “He was drawn to me by the powers of love so he naturally had to send all the paint tumbling down on me.” Jet shook his head to himself but let her go on. “Of course, I was furious. I was wearing my favorite lets-save-the-world jeans. They were new and now, ruined.”

Jensen exchanged a glance with me, pressing his lips together to stop himself from laughing. He was wondering the exact thing a normal person would – why would someone wear a new pair of jeans to a construction site where accidents were bound to happen?

“After being yelled at for about five minutes straight, Lea stormed away from me, leaving me standing there under the sun feeling absolutely guilt-ridden. I’d noticed that Roxanne had run after her so I assumed the two were friends.”

I chipped in. “And then, once I was done with comforting broken-hearted Lea, Jet took me aside and asked me how I knew her and I told him we were sisters.”

“Let me guess? You asked Roxanne to help you with the ‘gain forgiveness’ plan?” Jensen asked, amusement in his voice.

“Not exactly. I just asked her to help me corner Lea somehow so I could give her my present – a new pair of jeans.”

“It was so romantic,” Lea said, practically swooning once again by just recollecting the memory. “The day after the whole incident-that-was-meant-to-be, Rox told me she needed a ladder so I headed out to get one from the supplies shed. And guess who was conveniently waiting to surprise me?”

“Jet,” Jensen and I said simultaneously.

“Yup. In one hand, he had a bouquet of beautiful and fresh flowers, and in the other, a bag. And in that bag were my waiting-to-be-worn new jeans.” Lea had a look of utter satisfaction on her face, like she was a hopeless candidate that had just won the ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ show. I still couldn’t picture the romance behind this story. I mean, it took place in a sweltering shed. How could it be so perfect? But it was, to Lea.

“And then after that, she couldn’t resist me anymore.” Jet winked.

“So there you have it.” Lea smiled, snuggling up against Jet and giving him a soft kiss. I looked away awkwardly when the two started getting lost in their weird world again but I would have rather been a part of that, because when I turned around, I was looking straight into Jensen’s eyes again.

There was something about them that always unnerved me. They weren’t blue, green or any other color that most guys had. Like Lea had said before, they were really, really dark – almost even black; and not the frightening kind of black. It was like the night-sky – constant, always there above you…dependable. But experience had taught me that Jensen Sterling was far from dependable.

The End

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