Chapter Five (Part 3)

“So what’s cooking with the lovebirds?”

I shot her a murderous look. “Nothing.”

Jet brought over some snacks, setting them down on the table before finding a seat for him as well. Chips and dip; pretty simple. I helped myself to a few, avoiding Jensen who I was very aware of. I could practically feel his eyes on me and the last thing I wanted to do right now was to get into another argument, especially with Jet around.

“So Jet, how did you and Lea meet?”

Finally, something Jensen said that didn’t center on me. Jet had his arm slung over the back of Lea’s chair as she leaned sideways, towards him. She smiled a little dreamily, probably thinking back to those days. Jet’s lips curved into a strange smile as he started telling the story.

“I ran into her during the summer before I started the ninth grade. I was already acquainted with Roxanne as we were classmates.”

Jensen sounded slightly confused. “Hold up, so Lea and Roxanne didn’t go to the same school? They weren’t sisters yet?”

“Oh no, we’ve known each other since we were kids,” Lea said, answering to his doubts. “Rox and I used to go to the same school throughout kindergarten, first and second grade. And then when we were eight, our parents got married but dad wanted me to go to boarding school-”

“Freedom!” I added sarcastically, causing Jet to chuckle.

“-so from third grade and onwards, I studied away from home, only visiting our family during the summer.”

“Which, of course, completely ruined my plans for a normal, trouble-free vacation every year.” Lea grinned sheepishly at me when I said that but I couldn’t help but smile back at her.

“That sucks, I would hate being away from my family that long,” Jensen said, sounding genuinely bummed out that even I had to look at him.

Feeling the need to reassure him, I found myself saying in an almost comforting tone, “Not really. The reason why dad wanted her to go was because she didn’t quite fit into school here. And plus, Lea’s always been a little more into the arts and there was a special arts school which accepted her. Our parents had done it with a good intention.”

The End

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