Chapter Five (Part 2)

“I feel like you just hacked my hand off,” she whined, rubbing her wrist when I’d let go of her. I expected her to melt, to whimper under my smoldering gaze but there was no such reaction from Lea. Instead, she pouted at me. “I want to go see Jet perform, leave me alone Roxanne.”

She was first-naming me now?

“No, I won’t. Why did you invite Jensen?”

She shrugged, slipping her hands into her front pockets. “I don’t know, just felt like doing it. I ran into him a few days ago and we talked. I told him about Jet and he said he’d love to meet him so I mentioned the piano bar. I honestly didn’t expect him to show up.”

The way she said it made it sound so convincing but I knew that Lea had done all this with a goal set in her mind. Scowling at her, I muttered a, “Fine. He can stay. But if you think that any good will come out of this, you’re wrong.” I thought I heard her release a sigh as I walked past her, back towards my table.

The crowd was a little tamer now. The band was playing softer music. Jet had jumped off the stage and was walking towards me (or Lea behind me). Winking, he said, “Hey Roxanne, your boyfriend’s been asking for you. He seems like a great guy.”

Kill me, somebody.

“He’s not my-” Jet’s eyes fixed on Lea behind me, a smile lighting up his face. “Never mind,” I muttered grudgingly as he completely forgot about me.

My feet felt like they weighed a ton as I forcefully dragged myself back to the table. Jensen’s back was to me, his eyes on the stage where only one pianist remained, playing gracefully on the piano. I noticed a few couples dancing and I was hoping to God that Jensen would not get any ideas. Trying to be sneaky, I slipped into my seat silently but Jensen had seen me.

Turning to face me, he said, “So you’re back from torturing Lea.”

“More like she’s torturing me,” I muttered to myself. He’d heard me though.

Stretching his legs out in front of him, Jensen leaned back against the chair coolly. “What’s your problem anyway?”

“You are.” Before he could open his mouth to say something, I added venomously, “And don’t you dare act like you don’t know why I hate you so much.”

I thought I saw something change in his eyes. A shadow crossed his face and for a split second, he looked almost pained. “I don't,” he whispered. Before I got the chance to make anything out, Lea’s voice rang through as she pulled a chair out of another table to sit with us.

The End

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