Chapter Four (Part 4)

“Ring?!” I grabbed her hand and looked at it. It was a big fat diamond ring, right there on her finger. “You two are getting married?” I looked up in disbelief, and was met by a very smug look on Nancy’s face.

“Yup, I beat you to it Roxanne.”

Nancy and I had made a bet that I’d be the first to get married between the two of us, back when we were in the fifth grade. I’d said that Nancy was too shy to approach a boy, let alone get engaged to one. I was proven wrong now. Despite that fact, I crushed her with a massive hug.

“I’m so happy for you!” Drawing back, I looked at them with an arched brow and said with a little bit of doubt in my voice. “But don’t you think this is a little early though? You two are only like…eighteen.”

“Oh no, we’re not getting married anytime soon.” Drew grinned, taking hold of Nancy’s hand and holding her against his side.

“Then when?”

“Three to four years maybe.”

Confused, I asked, “Then why the rush?”

“I don’t mind getting a head-start.” Drew winked but Nancy let out a tired sigh.

“That’s a total lie. He was just worried that we might have a little fight and that I would choose someone else over him. Like I would ever do that.”

“I think that’s cute. Protective Drew.”

Nancy rolled her eyes but I saw a blush rise up in her cheeks and I knew she was happy about this. Someone bumped roughly into me, throwing an apology over their shoulder as they walked by and I realized that the place was officially jammed now.

“You two better find a table, I’m going to be right over here okay?”

With a quick nod, Nancy and Drew scurried away to find a good place to sit which would be quite a challenge for them. Before anyone else could take over my seat, I quickly plopped down on to it and scanned the busy room for Lea. Where in the world was she? 

If she didn’t come over any time soon, I knew that someone would take her seat and arguing with them would be pointless.

“Where are you Lea?” I mumbled hopelessly, resting my chin in my hands. The lights dimmed and all the patrons lowered their voices. The curtains flew apart and a spotlight fixed upon the centre of the stage. Lea walked out, flashing a brilliant smile to the audience. My mouth fell open, clearly not expecting this. 

The End

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