Chapter Four (Part 3)

I helped Chad set up the microphones, check the sound levels and make sure everything was in place for the show. The crowd was always a large one, sometimes even rowdy and so they always tried to please the fans.

Five minutes before they opened the doors, Chad told me to get offstage and find a good table for myself before the place got crammed. I did as he suggested, heading over to the other side of the club.

There were a mass of round tables filling the area, trying to seat as many people as possible with four candles in a square-like arrangement in the centre of each table. The lights were dimmed, and the curtains were closed but I knew there would be a huge spotlight in a few minutes, ready to illuminate the three main pianists on the grand pianos in front. There were also two pianos on each side of the room; the ‘back-up’ players would be on those.

Just as I sat myself down in a table for two located near the front of the club, not too far from the stage, people started flowing into the club. Laughter, anticipation and energy filled the room as the audience started to seat themselves down with their friends. I was saving a seat for Lea, but she was no where to be seen. That’s when my eyes fell upon two familiar faces and they spotted me at the same time.

“Hey!” They shouted in chorus. Nancy and Drew made their way over, both of them smiling brightly. Drew had his arm slung around Nancy’s shoulder and I stood up to hug them both.

Nancy and Drew were two of my dearest friends. I’d known them both since the fourth grade and they were often made fun of because of their names. But the two had been dating for as long as I’d remembered and were inseparable.

Nancy had short brown hair that curled around the ends. She was quite petite and highly huggable because of that, giving Drew a perfect excuse to cuddle her whenever he wanted to. Drew was one of those guys, who on first glance, you would never want to mess with. His tight-fitting sweater brought out his muscular structure but once you get to know him, you’d realize that he was really just this big friendly teddy bear.

“What are you guys doing here?” I said, once the hug-session was over.

“Same reason you are,” Drew said, hugging Nancy from behind who was practically glowing with joy. “Lea called and invited us to watch Jet perform tonight. Plus, we’d be seeing you again!”

I smiled widely, happy to see them both. “So what’s up with you two? Any exciting news?”

The two exchanged a glance and Drew nodded at her when Nancy had mouthed something to him. “What?” I asked suspiciously.

“We weren’t planning on letting you know yet but…” Then, she lifted her hand. At first, I didn’t notice. Five fingers, that’s all I saw. And then, I realized the flames of a fire reflecting off a surface of a…was that a…

The End

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