Chapter Four (Part 1)


“You really are looking forward to this, aren’t you?” I asked in a lame attempt to make conversation with Lea. She’d been driving quietly which was so unlike her, and I knew it was her weak attempt to try and avoid talking to me. As much as I cherished the silence, it was just too weird for me to not be listening to her babble on about something.

“I’m as excited as a llama.”

Oh Lea. With a small smile, I decided not to say anything to that. Looking out the window, I watched the different shops fly by, people walking on the lit streets. I’d been to a piano bar several times, all of them to see Lea’s famous boyfriend performing something alongside the other talented musicians in his band. It was inspiring, to say the least.

She loved being there, as part of the crowd, cheering him on. When they’d first started dating, he’d taken her there and done a special performance which he’d dedicated just for her and at the end, pulled her onto the stage and kissed her in front of the crowd. After that, she loved the attention. All the staff knew her and it was like she was a part of the family; another family.

I, on the other hand, just tagged along because I had no say in the matter. Lea loved showing off her boyfriend to the world, and to her sister. The first time she’d taken me there, she’d shouted into my ear amidst the roaring audience: “That’s Jet! My boyfriend! Isn’t he the greatest star ever?!”

“Pianist,” I’d corrected.

“Whatever. He’s still as awesome as the most popping star there is to ever exist!”

And as much as I hated to admit it, he really was. Jet was extremely talented, and also, extremely suave (which sparked a lot of jealousy from Lea when she realized the number of thriving fan girls he had). He was a perfect match for Lea who loved him to pieces. I wouldn’t be surprised if the two got married and had little Jets’ rocking on in an eternal music-world.

“Here we are.” Lea pulled the car up into a free parking space before stepping out of the car. She was jumping up and down in excitement; like this was the very first time she’d be seeing Jet playing. I think her energy was one of the reasons why he loved her so much, and one of the reasons I tired quickly of dealing with her. 

The End

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