Chapter Three (Part 7)

“Come in,” his voice echoed. I twisted the doorknob and entered his study. He was seated behind a desk scattered with papers and articles, holding a mug of coffee in one hand. The curtains were wide open, shedding an unnatural amount of sunlight into the room that I had to blink a little to adjust. When I met Mr. Storm’s eyes, I gave him a smile and politely said, “Good morning Sir. You wanted to see me?”

“Ah yes.” Mr. Storm beckoned to the vacant seat and I walked over and made myself comfortable after shutting the door behind me. “Had your breakfast yet Roxanne?”

“No Sir.”                       

He seemed to be observing me, and after a few seconds of silence he broke the news. “It’s about the family reunion Roxanne.”

I’m not surprised.

“Lea tells me that you aren’t entirely comfortable with the idea of attending it.”

“What?” I stuttered. “No, of course I am.”

“Would you not like to be a part of it?”

I cringed inside but answered truthfully. “To be honest, I don’t exactly enjoy it Sir. I feel like an outsider as I don’t quite blend in with the rest of your – I mean - our family.”

He smiled warmly at me, and looked genuinely concerned. “I know the others don’t regard you as part of the family yet, though it’s been so many years. But I do. And if there’s anything troubling you, you can talk to me about it. I love you just as much as I love Lea.”

I smiled back at him, feeling happiness flow through me. Sometimes, the only reason I had faith in the male species was because of Mr. Storm. And this was just one more thing he’d said that made me like him more.

“I know, but I really don’t mind. It’s only something trivial. Thank you nevertheless.”

He gave me a nod, and taking that as a signal, I decided it was my cue to leave. Getting up, I headed over to the door when I heard him call out to me, “Roxanne?”

I looked over my shoulder, eyebrow raised.

Mr. Storm smiled a little shyly. “I wouldn’t entirely hate it if you called me ‘dad’.”

The End

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