Chapter Three (Part 6)

“Roxil,” my mom said, calling me by another one of my various nicknames, “your father would like to talk to you. He’s up in his study.” She winked at me before walking back to the kitchen, leaving Lea and I alone again.

“So…dad wants to talk to you.” She stated, sounding gleeful. I shot her a suspicious look. I had the feeling Lea knew exactly what it was about and my prediction was correct.

Mr. Storm wasn’t as frightening as most people thought him to be. He was one of the most powerful businessmen around, and that was enough to have others scrambling away in his presence. I’d once visited him in his office after school to borrow some money and it looked like he was running a prison. Very official, and very straight-forward; he was not one for games. But when it came to the whole ‘being part of a family’ aspect of it, he was actually pretty cool.

Lea loved her father with the whole of her heart, one of the reasons probably being that her real mom hadn’t treated her so well but also because he was a pretty standup guy. I could easily tell that Mr. Kenneth Storm had been a babe magnet back in his teenage years.

His peppery ashen hair was the only thing that gave an indication to his growing old. Apart from that, his playful blue eyes reminded me of those belonging to a child that was planning to do something very wrong like raid the kitchen at night. He was also quite fit, and I knew he took quite an interest in staying in good shape. There was a huge gymnasium built into the house with treadmills, weights and whatnot. I had a feeling that my mom had a huge part to do with him working out so much though.

Yet, as I knocked on the door, I couldn’t help but for my stomach to twist uneasily. Over the years, the father-daughter bond with Mr. Storm hadn’t really improved. We were both comfortable around each other, and it wasn’t like an ‘I secretly hate him’ kind of relationship. I’d never been the kind of daughter that wakes up every morning and gives her dad a tight ‘I love you’-type hug. I was more of a silent but respectful person. Mr. Storm was okay with that though – in fact, a part of me believed he liked me a lot for being that way.

The End

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