Chapter Three (Part 5)

I was on my way back to the house after taking a few rounds around the garden when I saw Lea, waving her arms like a chicken to try to get my attention. Her frizzy red hair stood up in different directions and it was clear that she’d just woken up. What did she want now?

“Yo! Frog brain!”

I rolled my eyes and slowly walked over to the front porch where she stood with her hands on her hips. Apparently, she still hadn’t forgiven me about the Jensen-thing and I had the feeling she wouldn’t for a long time.

“What’s up Ms. Insane?”

Lea glared at me and said, “We’re going out tonight to this piano bar. Jet’s going to be performing and you’re coming with me.”

“Okay,” I muttered dully. I knew better than to argue with her about it because she always won.

From the moment we became official step-sisters, Lea had become the domineering one. Whatever she said goes. She made plans for me, and I would nod along. It used to bother me in the beginning but after a few years of her incessant nagging, I’d gotten used to it. And this was no exception.

As the both of us walked in side-by-side, mom walked out the kitchen and said, “Hey girls! Breakfast’s ready!”

“Be right there mum!” Lea chirped. My mom beamed happily at her. She’d been worried at the start that Lea might see her as the evil step-mother that had entered her life and would continue to torment her for the rest of time. But no, Lea had welcomed a new mother with open arms. I, on the other hand, still referred to her dad as ‘Mr. Storm’ or ‘Sir’. I just couldn’t call him ‘dad’, it tasted bad rolling off my tongue.

I sometimes got the notion that my mom preferred Lea to me. The two had so much in common. I could easily picture Lea growing up to be just like my mom. Both of them were equally harebrained, and though not biologically related, they had the same erratic green eyes. I was the odd one out, not that I minded. I embraced the ordinary. 

The End

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