Chapter Three (Part 4)

The next few days passed by calmly.  Lea had given up on hooking me up with any more guys since she’d firmly believed that Jensen had been the one for me.

“Even if you didn’t like him, you could have at least put up with him for the reunion. Can you imagine what the look on our cousin’s faces would have been?”

As guilty as she was trying to make me feel for blowing him off, it was all a lost cause as in the end I knew that the decision I’d made was final and was right. Jensen Sterling stank of trouble; even more so than Lea. I didn’t have the patience to put up with him for one night so the idea of bearing with him till the reunion was a nightmare I didn’t want to live.

That smug grin, that know-it-all tone he used when he spoke to me, and that gaze that made me feel like he was looking right through my soul…it gave me the creeps.

I was half expecting him to show up on the doorstep as I opened the door that morning, heading out for a nice walk. It had been four days, and so far, he’d been keeping to the third condition I’d laid out. Good boy.

After my mom had remarried, her and I had packed up and moved. I felt like royalty the moment I’d set step into the Storm’s estate. The house was really exquisite with a classical Greek look that reminded me of ancient times. Surrounding it were lush gardens, and the backyard resembled a tennis court. I’d heard rumors that there was even a helipad somewhere but I’d never given much thought into exploring the area, satisfied with what I’d seen. It was rich, real rich.

The best thing about living here, apart from feeling like a princess, was how calm it was. It had a forest-like setting and the only sounds that could be heard were of the wind or of woodland creatures cooing silently. It was perfect and helped clear my mind whenever I was taking one of my walks.

Today though, it wasn’t of much use. My thoughts kept getting derailed, back to Jensen. I hadn’t wanted to hear from him but something kept nagging me inside, bothering me over the fact that he yet hadn’t made any effort to hear from me. Or maybe he had and I just didn’t know? Maybe he’d called Lea but she hadn’t brought it up because she knew how much I despised him?  I shook my head, crossing my arms over my chest. I was not going to spend the rest of my summer thinking about this. No sir. 

The End

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