Chapter Three (Part 3)


I glanced at Lea through the mirror as I got changed out of my dress and into my pajamas. Her eyes seemed to pop out of her sockets in disbelief as I broke the news that this guy was not the last.

“How could he not be the one? Jensen was…to die for.”

Now you remember his name,” I said dryly. “You still haven’t caught on, have you Lea?”

“Caught on to what? Caught on to the fact that you’re absolutely insane for rejecting this one?”

“Oh, I’m insane?” Before she could say anything to confirm my doubts, I sighed. “You don’t get it.”

“What don’t I get? You blew off the one guy that actually came through to me! To me,of all people!”

“Give it a rest Lea. I don’t care if you think he’s hot. You date him then!” I tried to ignore her as she murmured to herself under her breath, undoubtedly about how completely thick I was being. If she’d shut up for a second, I would have told her the real reason why I didn’t like Jensen. But I also didn’t have the energy to flash back to the past, so instead I pushed Lea out of my room with a curt, “Goodnight” and then snuggled up underneath the covers.

But as I closed my eyes, the image of Jensen haunted me. His so badly perfect smile, the way his hair fell across his forehead that made me want to reach out and brush it back…and those eyes. And just before I faded out of reality and into dreamland, his voice rang through my head - the last words he’d said at the end of the ‘date’.

“I know you like me Roxanne, so don’t fight it.”


The End

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