Chapter Two (Part 6)

“Prove what?”

“That I’m ‘easy to read’,” I snapped, making fake air quotes with my fingers. “Give me your final conclusion, Doctor Sterling.”

Jensen smirked. Sitting back, he folded his arms across his chest, watching me coolly. “I’m not sure you’ll like it.”

“Try me.”

He pressed his lips together for a moment, as if he was trying to hold back his laughter. Jensen was so completely amused by this but I, on the other hand, was taking every bit seriously. If I really was so ‘easy to read’, then he would’ve made it a point to show that he knew who I am. But he hadn’t, so he didn’t know…did he?

“Well…for starters,” he cleared his throat dramatically and I urged him on, keeping my eyes fixed onto his. “The moment you saw me, you tensed up. Body language, eye contact and the tone of voice all hinted that you were on edge, like you just wanted to get up and bolt. So I naturally assumed you didn’t like me-”

You got that right.

“-until I came to realize that you were just trying to act like someone you’re not.”

“How did y-”

“You were trying to avoid my eyes, not necessarily because you didn’t like me but because you didn’t want to like me. And then I reflected back to the moment you’d introduced yourself, how hesitation had flown across your face before you’d said your name.”

I was gaping at him, but he didn’t stop. His grin grew wider as he rambled on. “That led me onto the possibility that this whole time you’ve been lying about who you are because you recognized me from the moment you laid eyes on me. You’re scared to tell me the truth that’s looking both of us right in the eye.”

Was he majoring in Psychology or Criminal Law? I felt my face heat up, my grip on the fork tightening unnaturally to the point that my knuckles went white.

“You got all that from me dropping a fork?” I asked, my voice barely containing my fury.

“To be honest, no.” His lips curved upwards, and he gave me that crooked grin, like he knew something I didn’t. “That was just me trying to sound like a smart bum in front of you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Did you really think I’d be stupid enough to go on this date without asking the name of the girl I’d be meeting?”

My eyes widened. Why hadn’t I even considered that? Leering at me, Jensen said in that low rumble of his, “Did you…Roxie?”

The End

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