Chapter Two (Part 5)

“You’re going to start university once the summer’s over, right?”

I took a long sip out of my wine before answering with a, “Yup.”

“What do you plan on studying?”

Despite my short answers, Jensen still hadn’t given up on me. He must be really desperate for a girl.

“Business Administration.”

“Which university?”

The University of Antarctica. I couldn’t come up with a lie quick enough and ended up submitting to the truth. “I’ve already applied and gotten accepted to the local university here.”

Jensen grinned happily, like he’d just won a million dollars. “That’s great, I’m going into second year there, we could meet up more often! And I could show you around, since it’s a pretty big campus.”

Oh joy. I faked a smile. Inside, I was searching for a rope to hang myself on. “Fantastic. And what degree are you doing?”

“I’m majoring in Psychology.”

I dropped my fork. It made a loud clang as it hit the plate. “Psychology?”

Now it was his turn to keep me hanging. He took his time in chewing and then gulped down his chicken, holding my gaze throughout it. With a mocking grin, he said, “Yup.”

“Oh.” I was suddenly nervous. No wonder he was looking at me so intensely, he was probably interpreting my every move. What if he already knew I was Roxanne but had just gone along with the flow of the game to see how things would turn out?

“Does that bother you?”

“You tell me Doctor, does it look like I’m perturbed by it?” I gave him a sly smile.

He smiled, hinting at where this was going. “You dropped your fork.”

“Stating the obvious,” I scoffed.

“You are ‘the obvious’; so easy to read.”

Easy to read? I glared at him, and the true Roxanne was starting to come out. My irritation surfaced when I saw that cocky grin on his face. How badly I wanted to slap him.

“I am not.”

“Yeah, you are. It doesn’t take a Psych-student to find that out.”

Was that an insult?

“And no, that’s not an insult.”

My eyes narrowed. “Well prove it then.” 

The End

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