Chapter Two (Part 4)

Jensen didn’t seem to mind at all though and after the waiter left, all he did was place his elbows on the table and lean forwards; analyzing me.

“So,” I said, clearing my throat and trying to think of something to talk about. “Big brother, huh? Never would have expected you to play that role.”

I winced as his eyebrows shot up. “You say that as if you know me well.” Then, peering at me with more intent, he went on, “I can’t shake off the feeling that we’ve met before.”

Crud! I bit down on my lower lip and I knew he was waiting for me to respond. “U-um, yeah, we used to go to the same middle school.”

His lips twitched. “Funny, I would have remembered you if we had.”

“I was more of a ‘remain-in-the-shadows’ kind-of gal.” Total lie.

Jensen seemed to be studying me, his shoulders hunched over as he leaned towards me even more, giving me reason to pull back but I couldn’t.

“Even then. It’s hard to forget a girl like you.”

There was something about those dark fathomless brown eyes that had me hanging there. I was falling again and I knew I had to pull myself out. Inhaling sharply, I realized that I too had been leaning in and without a second to waste, I snapped out of it. I wanted to yell at him, to say something rude but I didn’t want Jensen to find out who I really was. He’d made my life a living hell then and I would leave tonight with honor and grace still upon me; revenge wasn’t something a lady should crave.

Yet, I didn’t want to pretend like I was actually interested in him. God knows it was the exact opposite. Maybe I should let him know who I am. My name would ring a bell in his head, and maybe he’d beg for forgiveness. Or he’d laugh his butt off like there’s no tomorrow.

Before I could think up a good comeback, the waiter arrived with our dinner and drinks. And over the next few minutes, I’d pretended that I’d forgotten what he’d said as we both dug into our meal.

As the evening went by, I tried to keep my responses polite and short. No snide remarks (those were all going off in my head), nothing that would give a clue to Jensen as to my true identity. I felt like some detective playing undercover, a detective with a thirst for vengeance. Okay, so maybe that’s a little overboard but still.

Jensen had changed, that I was beginning to realize. Not just in the physical aspects, but with his behavior too. In my head, he’d been living on as the perpetual twelve year old nuisance he’d been back then. He’d been this vain, devilish little imp. Seven years later, here we are and he was being quite the gentleman. Miracle, perhaps? Or was he only behaving like this since he thought I was “Ileana”? 

The End

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