Chapter Two (Part 3)

“I know how it feels, joining another family.”

I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at Jensen, trying not to let the sarcastic remarks slip out of my mouth. Are you going to pull a Dr. Phil on me now?

“My dad remarried when I was around fifteen years old, and that’s how I ended up getting a little sister.” He smiled at the end, his gaze growing warm. “Melanie is really an amazing kid. You would agree if you met her.”

It surprised me, the compassion in his voice. I could tell that the light dancing around in his eyes had nothing to do with the candles lit in front of us. Forcing a smile back, I replied, “I have actually. Lea’s brought her over a couple times.”

Now it was his turn to look surprised. “Huh. She would have mentioned you.” He creased his brow, as if he was racking his brain. “She did say something about meeting a girl who looked like Dora.”

“Dora? As in Dora the Explorer?”

He laughed, a deep throaty rumble that made me go red. Hold on, why was I blushing?

“Yup. Just the one.” Grinning, Jensen flashed his perfect little smile at me and I had to consciously focus on something else to avoid the flips that my heart was beginning to do. Do not trust him.

Before I could come up with something to say to him, a waiter waltzed over to our table to take our order. Handing us the menus, I couldn’t help but let out a low whistle when I looked over the prices. They were over the roof! I sneaked a glance at Jensen who seemed to have no such thought and our eyes met when he noticed me looking. With a pleasant smile, he asked, “So what are you going to order?”

I was really more of a burger with fries kind-of girl, and as my eyes skimmed back over the menu I noticed there was nothing of that sort on here. With a secretive smile, I decided to make the best of the worst and ordered one of the most expensive dishes. And a bottle of really classy wine. This was all on him after all, I would live it up.

The End

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