Chapter One (Part 4)

Still, as I watched her ramble on in an attempt to get me back on my saddle, I couldn’t help but feel a little thump in my chest. Not the kind of thump that would make a girl go all blush-blush and faint-headed; but the kind of thump that made you worry that there was disaster right around the corner, just waiting to punch you in the face.

“He looked nothing like Melanie, so it was hard for me to imagine they were related. He had these deep brown eyes, and I mean really deep, midnight-black hair; tall and in good shape as well. But the best thing about him was his killer smile. I mean can you imagine RoRo? It even made me go weak at the knees.”

Now that I actually could not picture. Lea was not easy to impress, and she certainly did not judge based on outer looks. She actually formulated this crazy theory back in the ninth grade, saying that all good-looking guys were minions of the Devil. That they all tried to draw us innocent women in with their dazzling grins and perfection just to have us drown, and in the end have us believe that it was our fault for jumping into the whirlpool of mayhem.

After catching her hottie of a boyfriend back then kissing another girl in the back of his car, it was hard not to believe her. And Lea stuck to her principals, as till now, she avoided ‘hot guys’ with such a will that it made you question your own morals. Easy for her to do when she had the most considerate boyfriend on the planet. Average-looking but incredibly chivalrous, Jet was perfect for her in every way. He had just the right dosage of eccentricity to entertain her but also the appropriate measure of normalcy to keep her living.

They’d been together for three wacky years, and Lea had never been happier. But hearing about a guy who even she was attracted to on first sight, that was truly a mind blower.

 “So I invited him to have some cookies that I’d baked, which of course he didn’t object to. Then I’d decided not to beat around the bush and asked him if he was single.”

“Oh…what did he say?”

Lea shot me a strange glance. I tried not to look too interested as I shook my head to myself, tearing my gaze away from her amused blue eyes.

“Single, that’s what he said. Of course he’d be.”

“I think he’s the one. You’ll end up bringing him to the reunion, I just know it.”

“Do not get started on that.”

I sighed and sat back down on the bed, resting my elbows on my thighs as I leaned forward and looked blankly down at the floor. Lea sat down beside me and rubbed my back a little comfortingly, probably preparing to jump into another one of her pep talks. I looked at her over my shoulder and saw that crooked smile on her lips. That same crooked smile I’d seen the first time we’d met and known then and there, that I was headed for a world of trouble. 

The End

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