Chapter One (Part 3)


For the millionth time in the past few weeks, I stood up out of the chair and walked over towards the mirror. And as always, Lea had made me look…well, positively girly. My wavy black hair tumbled down my back, chaotically almost, reaching till my waist. And the dark eye shadow Lea had applied on me brought out my gray eyes, giving them more credit than they deserved. She’d forced me into wearing a simple green dress that flowed down gracefully till my knees, and it was actually far better than the last one I’d had to wear which had attracted more attention than I’d needed from the guys at that bar.

“You’re going to knock him dead,” Lea said with a grin.

“What’s this guy’s name again?” I asked, smoothing out the dress at the back and then turning to face my self-proclaimed best friend and sister. Lea frowned though and shook her head to herself.

“I forgot. Very bad-boyish name though.” She winked at me and I groaned.

“You have got to be kidding me, right Lea? I can’t just show up at a restaurant and go around asking every single guy if he’s my date.”

“That won’t be necessary really,” Lea shrugged. “I’m sure you’ll find him. He’s Katie’s best friend’s older brother.”

“Katie? Katie Tanner?”


I gawked at her. No. Way. “You hooked me up through the suggestion of a seven year old girl you babysit?!”

“The children are the future of our world Roxanne. I trust her, besides she’s brilliant and so is her best friend Mel, who’s older brother is a fine piece of meat.”

“Great, so I have a blind date with a hobo from the street. That’s bloody fantastic.” I sank back down into the chair, all my hopes crushed. “This is it Lea. This is the date after which I make my decision to live the rest of my life as one of those women who grow old with a billion cats meowing at their feet. I just can’t believe you set me up through Katie Tanner.” I turned away, looking at myself in the mirror. I was absolutely ruined.

“Your lack of faith in me is insulting,” Lea said, coming to stand in front of me with her hands on her hips. “Besides, I saw the guy in person as he dropped by to pick up little Melanie. Trust me, when you come back home tonight, you’ll be worshipping me.”

A part of me didn’t want to get my hopes up. Lea had a rather…peculiar taste in guys. She was a rather peculiar person herself so it made sense. All the guys she’d set me up with were in, at least, one way absolutely insane.

One of them was allergic to pizza. Not the ingredients in pizza, just pizza as a whole. How did I know this? Because the moment I made my order, he looked at me like I was an alien. Not to mention, Steve the T.V fanatic. All he talked about throughout the date was about the stars on Lost and some other television shows which I did not have the time to watch.

Lea, of all people, should know that I was the kind of girl who absolutely adored normal. Did I expect much from a guy who I might have a potential relationship with? Yeah, I did. To a minimal level – I expected a guy to have the knowledge of an regular eighteen year old, to not be obsessed with any television shows to the point that it made me worry if he stalked the stars, and to definitely let me order for myself without shooting down my pride. Was that too much to ask for? In Lea-world, it was impossible.

The End

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