Chapter One (Part 2)

“How bad are you going to feel when you show up, yet again, date-less for our next family reunion?”

“I don’t really care Lea.”

She snorted. “Yeah, well I do. I do not want to see my favorite shawty of a sister being made fun of by the other hooligans that we call relatives just because, once again, you didn’t have a boyfriend.”

I frowned. “Like I said-”

“Consider this a rite of passage – close your eyes.” I did as she instructed and I felt her sweep something across my eyelid. “It’s been, what, more than a decade since you became part of this family.”

“You mean since you became part of my family,” I corrected her but she ignored me and continued to ramble on in her disparaging tone (largely dramatic person that she is).

“And ever since, you still haven’t really fit in. For example, I hate fitting into the crowd. It’s boring. Doing what everyone else does, it just grosses me out. So I, naturally, am unique but in an awesomely fantastic way.”


“But you, my dear Roxie-”

“Don’t call me that,” I snapped, my eyes flashing open in warning.

“-you don’t fit in but in a bad way. You are unique, you are great but to be part of this family, you have to have a hot date. Hey, that rhymes!”

I rolled my eyes at Lea as she murmured excitedly to herself, lost in her own world for a moment.

“It’s not my fault that your side of the family is pompous. Especially those Miller twins, those two are high-class brats.” I reminded myself of my ‘cousins’, two very snobbish girls who truly have the ability to make you feel like a bug that deserves to be squashed.

“And besides,” I added, “our family tradition is weird. I’ve never heard teenagers bringing dates to their family reunions, now that’s just weird.”

“We are the Storm’s, what more can you expect from us?”

It was true. On first look, no one would have even guessed that Lea belonged to one of the richest families in the United States. Her father was very respected, and naturally, after becoming part of their royal family, I too was treated like a rare piece of gold. I hated attention though. My mom, however, reveled in it. And so did Lea.

Every occasion held within the family, whether it be a simple garden party or a Christmas jam, was celebrated in a red-carpet fashion. Needless to say, a family reunion would be one of the grandest parties ever - one, where apparently, showing up without a date would be a dishonor to your very own name. Not like I cared. 

The End

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