Chapter One (Part 1)

A crazy sibling - I guess we've all seen one. But when Roxanne is stuck for the rest of eternity with her truly over-the-head step-sister, adventure's always knocking on her door. But what happens when she gets set up on a blind date and runs into the last person she'd expected?


“I really don’t have a good feeling about this,” I croaked as I watched Lea fix me up warily. Her eyes met mine and she gave me a sharp look, telling me off with just one glance.

“I know what I’m doing, just calm down already.”

“You said that about the last four and they all went down the pooper,” I muttered. And for that, she flicked me on the forehead.

“Just shut up and let me work on the last of your make-up. I’m trying to bring out your inner diva here.”

“I’d rather just go in my usual jeans and tank, what is your problem?”

“Your way inner diva.”

I warn you, if you ever get the chance to have Lea Storm as your best friend, do not take it. Imagine yourself having a terrible fear of heights, to the point that you’re struggling for survival but would rather die than take a plane to the nearest paradise.

And then, your best friend, this person who you’re supposed to trust your life with, forces you onto the highest roller coaster there ever is to exist, and even worse makes you ride it alone. That is just a fraction of what I have to put up with everyday.

Lea Storm was born crazy, and she has lived up to her image till now and was now past the point of return. I, on the other hand, dug my feet into the ground and refused to let her pull me over the thin line separating being normal from being beyond weird. Roxanne Payes was not a fan of madness.

Yet, since we were little, I’d tolerated Lea. I hadn’t been given much choice. Apart from the fact that her seat was right next to mine all throughout kindergarten, the first and second grade, my single and desperate mother had also fallen head over heels for her charming and conveniently divorced ‘papa’. The years of avoiding ‘Stormy Lea’ had been of a waste when we became step-sisters. Now, I was stuck with her for life. 

The End

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