I Never Wanted To Be A Hero

He never wanted to be a hero, but he should have known freedom would never come without a price.

I never wanted to be a hero. But my country needed me, especially once other countires got involved.

I had used to think I was useless, pathetic and much, much more. But now I see the truth, my life is but a distant echo of what it should be, leaving me, waiting for me to fall into deaths cold embrace. My next adventure. Life: what is goddamn point? We live, we learn, we love, we die, and then were forgotten. Nobody will remember this small stain upon the canvas that is humanity. Only fame is revered by anyone in this egotistical society we call, in certain terms, the human race. We paint but a small, truly insignificant part of a bigger picture.

Now however, I look in a mirror, seeing haunted eyes staring backing at me. I see as I look at myself, all the lives that were lost in the final battle of WWII. Innocent people, fighting for their fredom. Shame, shame is the feeling that fills my soul as I remember that I'm a survivor. Why did I have to survive? Was my soul purpose in life to kill a madman whilst millions of others died around me? Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and Bothers, did they deserve what they got as death engulfed them?

If only everyone out there knew. Knew that life is ever growing, ever evolving, changing until the things we once knew, are sat growing mouldy in an old history textbook. We all strive to go down in history...Or be known in the future. Are the two really the same? What will we really be known as to the generations to come? Foolish...Idiotic perhaps?

After all, power was a deadly motive for the evil that had walked the earth just recently. Luckily he was gone now. The bastard that had torn apart so many lives, mine being just one of them was finally gone.

I don't know how others do it. They handle the hero status really well; they deserve the attention now, even if they don't want it. They watch as people thank them for what they did, hiding what they really feel from all but their closest friends and family.

People tell me I'm a hero, just like them and that I should be proud.
But I never wanted this…
I never wanted to be a hero…

The End

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