I never thought. . .

"This is retarded. . ." trailing off in the gray minivan, that was luckily still running. I looked out the window to a green sign  near by, "Welcome to Vermont." I rolled my eyes.  I was usually with my friends and having fun. But I wouldn't see any of them for 3 weeks. Three long weeks, I thought.

When we left about 10 years ago and only visiting 3 years ago, I thought that I wouldn't care about vermont. I was right. I wanted to prove myself wrong, as much as I could. Maybe it is because I haven't been here in so long, possibly. 

When we pulled up to the big yellow farm house, I could see the reaction on my Grammy's face who fled with surprise. That made me giggle. She seems overjoyed. "Well I haven't seen you since you were ten!" my grammy's rusty voice piped out. 

"I missed you, gramma'" I smiling.
"I'v heard that you were getting really interested in horses?" Putting her skinny hands on her hips.
" You heard right," replying looking out onto a small tomatoe garden.
"You'll like it a lot here. We have three horses, go and explore," She says tapping my but lightly.
"Okay?" I ask timid. 

I quickly scoot myself aorund the corner before she taps my but again. My feet rustle under the pebbles and dirt beneath me.  I quickly turn my head in reaction to a clucking sound from the red barn north of me. I begin a fast pace walk and casually slow down when I get near the entrance. Standing before me, is a boy. Probably around the same age as I am. 14? I thought. The soft face looks up at me slowly.

"Bee?!" He bellows. Patting the horse's back and walking towards me.
"Bee?" I ask wondering.
"I used to call you that, because you always got so nervice around bees, and abbie, bee. I guess there are two meanings," He says smirking.
"Oh, I remeber that. But I'm sadly to say, I dont remember you." I look down blushing, his smile was annoying me in a good way.
"Matt, from third grade, we used to help your grammy make apple pie together." He says running his fingers through is dirty blonde hair. I smiled, He looks amazingly different. . . in a good way of course.  

The End

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