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a painting comes alive as the night gaurd finds it ans the man and the painting fall in love, but will they be able to get over there "Unique" problems.

“In the times of old there was once a man that spent his entire life painting. His family and everyone loved him very much. One day at the age of 21 he locked himself away in his study and only came out to eat. He spoke no words. Days passed, weeks passed, still no words or actual time out of his study. Soon he gave up coming out of his study at all. His family placed his food at the door and came the next meal to see his plate empty. Months passed, years passed, decades passed, and on the mans 97 birthday he said his first words. “It is finished.” He proclaimed as he sat down at the dinner table along with his now ancient family and there children and there children’s children. The next week he died. The last words that he said were. “Watch that painting, it has a heart of its own.” He said.” 

1200 years later

The End

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