The Family Tree - and a Suprise!

Well, what a day! not at school though, just at home. The thing is, I think I've found out how my family were theatre stars - and I'm in shock so much; I can't even eat because of it! and thats VERY rare! I won't tell you what it is though - that'll spoil the fun! Well, to reveal it to you, I'll tell you the backstory...

So, when I got back from school, I did what I said I would and went up to the very musty loft. Once I started looking, I couldn't stop! I searched and searched for about one and a half hours before I found what I was looking for. What I was looking for, was tuck into an old book in a box labelled " Walkers Salt and Vinegar Crisps." The paper of the book it was in was almost like parchement it was so old, so when I saw it sticking out I immediatly grabbed it: the family tree.

I (obviously) opened it up and scanned the page for any clues - but all I could see was the names of people in my family and pictures. It was the pictures that startled me the most; they were pictures of impossible things - there was a spell book, a wand, a cloak and a cauldren. Things a wizard would carry if they were real.

That's it. Amazing isn't it?! I'm not going to tell anyone, it'll be my secret, and yours of course. Ours. Wow, a completely crazy idea just popped into my head: what if wizards are real??? Its wierd but could be true. Right then after school every day, I'm going to explore the loft for anything else - starting now. Byeee! Wish me luck!

The End

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