I Met A Wizard

I met wizard in a train...

I met her on the train, on the way to a coffee shop near Birbur. We had a very interesting little conversation, it was rather strange, and one sided, but oddly interesting.

“Hello!” She looked at me with a broad smile slapped across her face. I wasn’t accustom to talking to strangers on a train, but decided that this woman’s bright and cheerful smile deserved a reply.

“Hi.” I answered unsurely, putting out my hand for a shake.

Completely ignoring my outstretched hand, she continued the conversation. “I’m a wizard, you?” Her face held a spark of adventure.

Withdrawing my hand, I decided to keep up this little act, “I’m a shape shifter, that’s what!” It’s the best I could think of. My imagination was slightly rusty since I had given up writing. She then grabbed my hand and shook it vigorously, her eyes wild and exited.

“I knew you were part of our land!” She was completely absorbed in her own words. “So, dear shape shifting friend, that’s a dangerous occupation you got!”  

“Yes of course!”  Truthfully, I wasn’t quite sure what she meant, catching the slight uncertainty in my voice, she pushed forward.

“I mean, to shape shift, if you lose control of your form, God knows the calamity!” She gave a cheeky little smile, edging me into the conversation.

“Oh no. That is only in the case of a mythical creature. You shape change into one of those you have a problem.” I was simply sputtering out any little thing that I could think of.

“Oh yes I should understand that best of all.” I looked at her sorrowfull face, confusedly. “Let’s put it this way,” she came close to my ear, “Pearl Harbour was ....a...well....I may have had a hand in there.”

I looked at her puzzled. The last I remember, pearl harbour was caused by a Japanese air raid. A slight twinkle sparkled in her eye. “Please, elaborate.” I asked, staring at this odd woman.

She cleared her throat before starting her tale. “It was many years back when I was a practicing shape shifter. I was a proud and arrogant youth, so full of vitality and vanity. I thought that at my young age, I could master the art of shape shifting into a Kraken.” Bizarrely enough, I found myself absorbed in this woman’s odd rant. “Top of my class, valedictorian at graduation, the fame had made me over confident. So much so, that I attempted this difficult transformation. I was going to succeed, mind you; I had a single step left . I was about to celebrate being the first wizard bellow the age of a hundred and three, to perform this great feet, when suddenly....” Her eyes widened, she took a dramatic pause,

“When what!!” I looked at her anxiously.

“When I lost control of course.” She said in a frank tone, causing an uncalled for anticlimax. Yes, now that I think about it, that was an obvious development. “My tentacles swerved in all directions, laser beams shot out from my eyes, mad and deranged I, single handed, destroyed the entire harbour, and exposing the magical race! It was a disaster, one that pulled me down my high horse faster than a rodeo unicorn chucks off his rider!” She flailed her hands around, getting excited and caught up in her little story, causing the passengers to glance uncomfortably at her.There was something rather odd about her story. “Wait,” I raised my eyebrow, “then why don’t the human’s know of magical existence.” Another one of those cheeky little smiles erupted around the edges of her lips.


“Because of the Magical Memory Magicians! I thought that would be obvious woman!” She had a look of irritation about her face. “They used a time stopper to stop time for two years, and re-wrote all the human’s memories!” I giggled slightly at her enthusiasm “They made the memories completely different, so that there would be no chance of any recollection what so ever!” The bright smile returned to her face. “Of course I was prosecuted, that little stunt had major consequences on the world.” I nodded in understanding.

“And what was your punishment?” I smiled at the sure nonsensical value that made her story ever so exiting.

“200 years of community service to human being.” She sighed. “I only have 129 years left. And then I am free!”

“Yes I see...” What else was I to answer?

“Well that’s my stop!” she hopped of her seat the opening doors. “It was wonderful talking to you by the way, perfectly wonderful! Bye now.” She stepped off the train, waving both hands at me, as she tripped onto the platform. I watched as she bobbed off into the crowed.

What a marvellous young woman. If only I knew her name, maybe then I could thank her properly for reviving the fire of imagination and instinct to write inside me.

Thank you, dear wizard, for casting your magical little spell upon me, may we meet again someday in the future, perhaps in a train, somewhere on our way to someplace, in some time not to far away from this time.       

The End

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