I may not be the golden one

i maY nOt be the golden one,

bUt my Life is not yet done.

i might not have you

but i'm sure it wiLl be More fun.

i'm trying not to feel the paIn,

but you don't know how i cry on rain

i may not See my own beauty

but remember Someday i'll feel it

in whatever you'll do, i will hold on

until this suffering will be gone

i may not be showing the pain to soMeone

but i cry and don't tell anyone

i may not be the prettiEst,

and i may be the laziest

but among the rest,

will they write you a poem during test?

all i wanted to say is "how?"

but it's okay baby, i understand everything

especially on how to be glad,

for someone who made you sad

The End

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