Me and Cay watched Ava’s wedding together, both of us happily trying not to cry. I was trying not to cry at the sight of the kids and Hadley all dressed up and Cayden was barely holding back because fuck it, I don’t think anyone thought that Ava would say yes.

Thankfully instead of having to be down there in the ungodly heat of Australia, I was snuggled up watching them all from the comfort of a snuggle and fingers tangled in my hair. I let out a hum as he cuddled me.

"Why don't we go out somewhere?"


"Somewhere expensive," he announced.

"Why somewhere expensive?"

"I want to treat you,” he smiled at me.

"What brought this on?" I returned his smile, curious.

"Nothing,” he laughed. I, in all honesty, was just expecting our relationship to be much the same as before – sex and more sex. We cared about each other, sure, but this was a whole new, mushier, Cayden. I wasn’t all that sure how to react to it all. He’d told me that he wanted to treat me right, and he was sure as hell doing that alright, but... I dunno. Cayden was a renowned slut. I had no idea what it was that had made him change so much. Not that I was complaining. I liked the new Cayden, it was just odd. I planted a kiss on his lips.

"You've been so good to me since I got here"

He returned my kiss, chuckling. "I do try.”

Contentment flooded me with endorphins and I’m fairly sure it showed on my face. "I'm a lucky man."

“Just a shame I have to give you up when Hadley gets here.” Now that comment surprised me.

"You'll have John," I reminded him, wondering if he had somehow forgotten about his own spouse.

"Not if he finds someone else."

"D'you really think that John will find anyone else?" The guy had been single long enough that it was pretty clear to me that he didn’t want to be with anyone else.

"I hope so," he said.

"So do I, but what're the chances of it happening?"

A sigh escaped him. "I dunno." I kissed his cheek and the subject was changed. "Anyway, fancy dinner,” he nodded. I smiled, letting the topic of John slide.


Having grown up in one of the more expensive areas of London, with more than its fair share of fancy, expensive restaurants, I was more than familiar with the sort of place Cayden took me to. I took one look at the place and knew instantly that a glass of wine would cost thirty bucks and a basket of bread would cost almost as much. He told me to avoid looking at the prices and just pick something. I did my best, but years of living on a minimum wage, making every penny stretch made it almost impossible not to at least have a peek. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t about to bankrupt him with my dinner.

Noticing my wide eyed stare as I saw just how much some of the things on this menu were, Cayden told me off. I apologised, receiving a promise that he would give me a proper telling of later on. I blushed a little, crossing my legs as Cayden ordered our dinners. To top it all off, his tone of voice had gotten me all submissive and squishy. I wondered if it was possible for my insides to melt.

I glared at him slightly as he smirked. He glanced around to make sure no one was looking as he slipped under the table. Oh god, not here. He was gonna get us kicked out. I tried to get him to stop as he forced my legs apart and unzipped my pants, his mouth closing around me. Needless to say, he didn’t stop at all. In fact, that made him determined to force a few moans out of me. How could I tell? Well, he was using his best head giving skills to good use on me. I was so fucking embarrassed. And really fucking turned on, too.

My fingers tangled in his hair and at last he got his way as I let a low moan escape me. I heard him make this amused noise and I swore at him, trying to hold off my impending orgasm as the waiter returned with our dinners. So naturally, that’s exactly when I lost it and that fucker pushed me right over the edge. The waiter sort of gave me a weird look as I tried my best to control my orgasm face and put the plates down silently. 

“I hate you,” I grumbled when he resurfaced as the waiter wandered off. He just grinned, leaving me to sit there blushing while he ate. It took a few moments for me to actually realise that I was hungry, I was so busy being embarrassed. He took hold of my hand, making me smile stupidly. He was wolfing his food down, but I wanted to savour it; the food and the fact we were spending time together without Ash or whatever the name of Cay’s latest bit on the side was. I think I was maybe as jealous of Cayden’s bit on the side as I was of Hadley having someone else.

Cayden chose our dessert: a sharing one. We fed each other spoonfuls of it, sharing smiles and mushiness that I didn’t think he was physically capable of. And he was still holding my hand. Right up until we got the bill. I did my best to persuade him to let me pay for at least some of it, but he refused and I gave in, knowing him well enough to judge when I was fighting a battle that was already lost.

The sun was setting over our strange little afterlife world when we left. I still wasn’t sure if there really was a sun or if it was our expectations or wants creating a sun. Either way, the sky was a fiery orange, bathing the whole city in its glow. Cayden, following on from the mush he’d already indulged in, genuinely led me off into the sunset, swinging our arms a little. I giggled a little at how cheesy he was being.

"What?" he asked, looking all amused.

"You,” I told him with a kiss.

He kissed back. "What about me?"

"Skipping off into the sunset with someone,” I giggled a little again, still not sure how to wrap my head around the idea that Cayden was capable of being anything other than a slut, "with the one night stand that married your little brother, no less. You're an odd one, Cayden Smith."

"Mhm,” he smiled.

I pressed a long kiss to his lips. "And pretty fucking amazing."

"I don't know about that." He might not, but I did. And I was feeling too loved up to really care. He looked like he was feeling... guilty, though.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm far from amazing," he said. I stopped and pulled him into a cuddle. "I mean, I'm the reason you're here instead of down there with Hadley and the brats."

"Tom's the reason I'm here, I'm the reason I'm here.” I shrugged.

"Tom's the reason I'm here, not you. That was all down to me."

I sighed. "It was my choice to fuck you. It's my fault I've ended up here." He didn’t believe me, but he didn’t say anything more on the subject either. "Is this what all the treating me right thing is about? Because you feel guilty?" I tilted my head a little, wondering if that was why he was treating me so nicely. That thought kinda hurt. I didn’t want anyone to be nice to me just because they felt guilty about something or because they thought they should.

He shook his head, “I really did want to treat you."

"What about everything else?"

"I like being able to make you smile.” I put my head on his shoulder, feeling him kiss it. I wanted to believe him. I wanted to believe that he wouldn’t just do something to placate me. So I did. I closed my eyes and took his word for it, hoping to fuck I wasn’t making some huge mistake.

"And I like it that you can still somehow make me smile,” I mumbled. 

The End

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