Me and Cayden snuggled on the sofa together until the smells of our Christmas dinner tempted him away from me to go sort it out. I didn’t bother getting dressed, quite happy to sprawl out over the sofa, since it was just me and him today.

He dished everything up and brought it through, setting it down on that weird table he had before. Y’know that one that was just a tree stump and a sheet of glass? That one. "Monsieur, your dinner, eez served," he said in this fake French accent.

I laughed, "Why thank you," wandering over and sitting myself down opposite him.

He flashed me a smile, “You might want to be dressed for when your present gets here," he warned me, despite only being in a pair of boxers himself.


He winked secretively. "Just be dressed."

"But I was hoping maybe I could spill some gravy on my dick and maybe persuade you to come lick it off," I giggled.

"Kinky,” Cay laughed, and I poked my tongue out at him. "Besides, you know you don't need to spill gravy on your dick for me to give it some attention,” he told me casually, earning a hopeful look from me. "After dinner." I grinned, making him laugh. Unfortunately for me, the banter had only inspired him to eat his dinner all teasingly and sexy, and given that the glass didn’t really hide the semi I was sporting, he was only encouraged to keep it up.

I glared at him a little. “What?” he asked with a smirk on his lips.

“You're mean,” I sulked.

"Me? Never." I know I like mean, but c’mon, this is just cruel. I pouted, still kinda glaring at him. He just tried to look all innocent as he finished off his dinner. The moment he was done, he disappeared under the table. I say disappeared, but you know what I mean. I leant back in my chair, tangling my fingers in his hair. He gave me what was possibly the most teasing blow job I’ve ever had. I may have been rather vocal. And not very gentle with his hair.

My hips bucked up as he went full throttle on the teasing and the guy took it like a pro, not missing a beat. "Fuck, Cay,” I moaned. He chuckled around me and kept going until I came. He smiled up at me and my silly, satisfied grin.

"Now go get dressed, your present'll be here soon. And there's something else waiting for you on the bed.” I did as I was told, laughing when I saw a festive sweater laid out on the bed for me. I put that and a pair of jeans on even though I probably looked like an idiot in it and wandered out, glad to see that Cayden had donned an equally festive sweater.

"I'll get it,” Cayden grinned when there was a knock on the door. I let him, wondering what he’d decided to get me. I had a Spongebob cushion wrapped up for him under the bed. I hoped what he got me wasn’t about to make that look crappy and not very well thought out. "Max, there's someone I'd like you to meet," Cayden announced, derailing my train of thought. I looked over at a blonde guy following Cayden inside. I arched an eyebrow, wondering if this was supposed to be a joke. He looked like he could be my twin. "Max, this is William."

"Hi," he smiled.

"Who's this?" I asked Cay, almost totally blanking William. I hope Cayden warned the poor guy that I’m no good at talking to new people.

"He's kind of your brother." Sorry, what? William smiled again but I was just sort of staring at him.

"You mean my still born brother? The one my mother was always convinced would've turned out better than me?" Cayden nodded and I felt even more awkward, suddenly. What are you supposed to say to a stranger who happens to be your dead brother? He laughed kind of nervously and Cayden came over to me, kissing my cheek.

“Get to know him, he's a nice guy," he whispered.

"You know how good I am with people I don't know,” I almost whined, giving him my best ‘I don’t know what to do, help me’ eyes.

"I know. Just ask him about himself"

"What do I ask, though?" I asked, keeping up the lost look.

"Anything." I looked over at my brother, who seemed to have regained confidence again and flashed me another smile.

"I like your jumper," he said.

"Thanks. I'm surprised Cayden didn't get you one too."

"I don't think it'd suit me."

"You never know, you're from good stock. Looks wise at least" *laff*

He was a very smiley person, it turned out. Clearly being born dead does people some good. "What were our parents like?"

"Mum wasn't so bad, but god forbid should you be gay and let dad find out"

"Perhaps it's a good thing I didn't make it, then,” he laughed a little.


"How d'you think Cayden found me?" he smiled again.

"Should've guessed." I glanced over to see Cay grinning at me. "You slut," I said.

"You're mean," Cayden gave me this hurt face.

"You're my slut," I corrected myself, making him laugh.

"Did you know him before?" William asked.

"Me and cay used to go out before I got married to his brother,” thinking about it, me and Cay were even now. I had his brother and he had mine.

"You're married?" William asked.

I nodded. "Eight years."


The End

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