Christmas TreeMature

I barely noticed that it was getting close to Christmas. Between Cayden and Ash, I was kept fairly busy. But then I noticed the Christmas tree had gone up at home and I suddenly realised they were going to have Christmas without me.

And I was going to have Christmas without him. Fuck.

I didn’t really sleep very well the night before Christmas and when Cayden woke up, I was just lying there wondering if I’d be able to sneak out to get drunk.

“Cheer up, gorgeous,” Cayden kissed my cheek, snuggling up to me, confirming that I looked about as depressed as I felt. I didn’t wanna ruin Christmas for him or anything, but I really did just wanna pretend it wasn’t happening.

"Sorry,” I said sadly.

"Don't be. You're allowed to be upset." I didn’t say anything. I didn’t really know what to say anyway. He planted a kiss on my neck, making me tilt my head a little, more out of habit than anything. "He wouldn't want you to be upset, though." He planted a few more kisses along my neck until I buried my head in his chest. I wanted to sleep. He had other ideas, though. “C’mon, let’s go get breakfast.”

I just dumbly went along with it, following him into the kitchen and watching as he made me some special Christmas pancakes and some Christmas hot chocolate. I wasn’t really hungry, so I shared them with him once we’d settled down on the sofa together, but the hot chocolate was nice. I dunno what he’d put in it. He put on some cheesy Christmas film, and I put my head on his shoulder, glad that he was happy to just quietly snuggle with me til it was time to make lunch.

“Care to help me in the kitchen?"

“Sure,” I muttered, following him into the kitchen again, setting to work on peeling and cutting up vegetables. He did his best to keep being all affectionate and snuggly while we were getting everything ready, and I have to admit, it was pretty cute. I didn’t have my Bunny, but I did have Cayden. I wasn’t alone. It was enough to stop me wanting to go binge drinking, at least.

He hugged me from behind, his hands on my hips, once we were done and everything was prepared. I turned a little to kiss him on the cheek, earning myself one in return, planted on my neck. I tilted my head for him again as he gave me a few more, nibbling on my skin a little. I leaned back into him slightly, giving myself over to whatever he had in his mind. He moved us over to the sofa, pulling me into his lap as he went back to paying close attention to my neck. I wrapped my arms around him, resting them on his shoulders.

We shared a smile before he caught my lips in a slow kiss, his hands finding my ass. I let out a hum as he groped at it, letting him strip me of my clothes. He all but molested me and he just had to be naked. He didn’t stop me as I pulled his clothes off, or as I played with his neck. He simply hummed and started to tease me. He planted a kiss on my lips, looking all happy and satisfied when I whined at him for teasing me.

I’ll tell you now, there was nothing teasing about the way he took me. 

The End

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