Read me a story?Mature

I sat down next to Danny’s bed once they were asleep, stroking his hair. He’d grown so much, and I hadn’t been there to see it. I sighed, feeling him pulling me into his dreams. I waited quietly for him to notice me, reading the book he’d abandoned by his bed. I guess it was what they were studying in school.

It took him quite a while to notice me, but I didn’t mind. I didn’t wanna freak him out too bad. Apparently he wasn’t that freaked out. He stared at me like I was expecting, but he leapt out of bed and attacked me with a big hug when I said ‘Hey, Danny’ to him. He cuddled up to me and nuzzled my shoulder and I played with his hair, noticing the poor guy was almost in tears.

“How’re you doing, kiddo?”

"I miss you,” he said, looking up at me with these huge, innocent eyes. Oh, fuck, this was harder than I thought it might be.

I kissed his forehead.  "I miss you too"

"When're you coming home?" he asked.

I felt the corners of my mouth pulling further down. "I'm sorry, Danny. I can't come home. I'm up in heaven now, with Uncle Cay."

He looked just as upset as I felt. "But I miss you."

"I know. I'd come back in a heartbeat if I could," I said, cuddling him against me tightly. "I love you, and Lily, and Papa. I miss you all more than you'll ever know." He didn’t say anything, but I didn’t mind. I guess he was quiet even in his dreams. "You have to be strong for me and Papa, though. You will be, won't you?" He nodded. "D'you like having Eden around?"

"She's nice,” he said, nodding again.

"Does Lily like her too?"

"I think so. She just wants Papa to be happy."

“Me too. But I want you two to be happy as well, y’know?” He nodded. I gave him a smile, wishing I had some way of making everything better for him. “What?” I asked as he looked up at me all innocently again. He just buried his nose in my chest and hummed, nuzzling me when I played with his hair again.

After a while, I figured I should take him somewhere. I mean, it’s a dream, we could do anything, but mostly I wanted to spend some time with him. He spent most of the time cuddling me, but I didn’t mind, as long as he was happy. He also insisted on me carrying him a lot because I wasn’t all weak and crappy anymore. I just laughed and gave in. I wanted him to have a nice dream about me.

"Can you read me a story?" he asked innocently when I returned him to his bed.

"Sure. What one?" He clambered out of bed and picked me out a story book. I settled down next to his bed again and read it for him, smiling to myself as he fell back to sleep.

Fuck, I missed him. As long as he doesn’t freak out in the morning, I think I’ll visit him and Lily more often.

The End

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