Waking up in an unfamiliar place naked in a bed that didn’t smell of Hadley was... an interesting way to start my day, I suppose. When I dared to open my eyes, I was greeted with the sight of Cayden snuggled up between me and Gage. I was not being snuggled. Because that didn’t make it awkward at all. My previously drunken jealousy of a guy I didn’t know came back stone cold sober. I was weirded out, and needless to say, I wanted to get out of there.

Cayden looked over at me, “Morning,” he said quietly with a smile. Apparently I looked as freaked out as I felt. “What?”

“Why am I here? And naked?”

“You got kinda drunk last night.” I was quiet. I don’t think a statement as obvious as that really needed a reply. He played with my hair.

“I don’t remember anything,” I mumbled. I mean, I remembered going out drinking and being stupidly jealous of Gage turning up just when I thought I might not have to drink myself stupid, but that was about it. I had no idea how I’d ended up here in bed with them, and I was really hoping that I hadn’t ended up fucking one of them.

"I can imagine." I whined. “Poor baby,” he said. I glanced at the two of them snuggling.

“I’m going,” I announced, getting out of bed before he could stop me, despite the fact the whole room was swimming.

“Max,” he whined as I put on my jeans. I wasn’t sure where my boxers had gone, or my shirt.

“What?” I asked, looking for the both of them.

"Get your ass back here."


"Your belly needs my cuddles," he told me.

"No it doesn't. You can give Gage your cuddles." He looked kinda upset at that. I hadn’t meant to hurt him, I just felt weird staying when it was clear I was just going to be the third wheel until he let me leave.

"What did I do?"

“Nothing,” I bit back my sigh.

"Then come snuggle," he instructed.

I whined, "I have a hangover, Cay, I just wanna go home and die again.”

"Snuggles first." I gave him a quick, tiny snuggle to shut him up before attempting to leave again, but he wrapped his legs around me.

“What?” I groaned, wondering what he could possibly want with me. Gage was still asleep, meaning I had a chance to sneak out without him noticing me. Okay, okay, I was more worried that Gage would call Cayden ‘Mouse’ again, because it was a stupid nickname, and was kinda sickening, actually. Cayden was nothing like a mouse, at least, not that I remember. Cayden just snuggled me, smiling. I flopped my head down on the pillow, snuggling back. I’ll admit, having some real contact for once was nice, even if we weren’t alone.

Of course, just as I was getting used to it, Gage woke up. I didn’t really notice until Cay did. I’d have been content ignoring him, but Cayden had other ideas.

"C'mon, we'll get you some painkillers and some pancakes."

“Am I invited?” Gage asked. A nod and a smile from Cayden answered him.

"Can I not just have more alcohol?" I mumbled.

“Nope,” Cay said. I hadn’t really meant him to hear me.

“Because I said so.”

"That's not a reason," I protested.  

"Is too.” I shook my head. That was a bad idea. All the puke I’d successfully been holding back was suddenly in my mouth. I rushed off to the bathroom to go throw up. I really hadn’t missed the whole throwing up thing. "This is why you can't have more alcohol,” Cayden kinda yelled after me, and I locked the bathroom door. I wasn’t in the mood for him to be all happy and coping with the whole being dead thing. I was finding myself missing emo Cayden. At least with emo Cayden, I had a chance of comfort sex and someone to be emo with. Now he’s all loved up and cosy with this guy I don’t know and I just feel weird. And irrationally jealous. Sue me.

After a while, Cayden knocked on the door. “Maxxie?”


"You okay?"


"Then how come you're locked in the bathroom?"

"I'm in your way and you won't let me leave, so I’ve shut myself in here," I explained.

"Who said you're in my way?"

"No one, I just feel like I am."

"You're not."

"I feel like I am." I also felt like I was talking to a brick wall, so I gave up when he replied.

"Well you're not,” he said. "Please come out.”


"Thought we were having pancakes?" he chuckled a little.

"Not hungry," I muttered. I’d just puked my guts up, and afterlife or not, I’m not about to eat after throwing up.

"Come watch Spongebob?"

"Cayden, I'm depressed, I need alcohol, not cartoons and a mushy couple sitting with me eating pancakes," could I make it any clearer that it made me uncomfortable staying with him and Gage?

"We're not a couple, and you don't need booze."

"You act like it, and I do."

"No you don't." I didn’t say anything, making him sigh. "Maxxie, please come out." I reached up and opened the door, but I wasn’t moving from where I was sat next to the toilet. He hugged me and like the sucker I am, I hugged him back, burying my head in his neck.

The End

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