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When I wasn’t watching Hadley for all I was worth, I was trying to make my world worth living in. I swapped the house for an apartment much like my old one, got rid of the business and started trying to incorporate other people into my world. The cafe stayed in my world, so I could meet people and try and make friends. I was still waiting for Cayden to show up. I wasn’t sure how I could find him. Maybe it was similar to the rest of this stuff – I could just imagine him as part of my world and he’d show up.

I did go out exploring sometimes. One chick from the cafe took pity on me and showed me how to get to places. It seemed like there was more and more to learn about this place. From what I could gather, there was some sort of central place where everyone could go and it was the same for everybody. There were clubs and bars and museums and galleries. It was a lot like all the good bits of all the cities put into one place. There was stuff here from every era, too; stuff from Victorian London, stuff from the Dark Ages, stuff from the Elizabethan period. All sorts of stuff. It was like a historian’s wet dream. It was pretty cool, though. I’d always been pretty proud of how multicultural London was when I was living there, but this blew London out of the water.

The more I explored, the more there was to find. There were all these little pockets of other cultures from around the world tucked away somewhere. I gotta admit, being dead was starting to look up for the first time since I’d got there.

I felt like I was neglecting Hadley, though. By the time I’d gotten bored of exploring and went back to my full time role of stalking my husband, he’d stopped taking his iron pills and was getting all grouchy and ill. It was time to get into his dream again. I’d visited a couple, just to be close to him, but I really needed to talk to him again. I couldn’t have him neglecting himself, not for anything.

I hadn’t meant to turn it into a sex dream for him, I swear. It’d just been so long and I’d figured since they felt so real, would it feel real to be that close to him again? It had, for the record, and I almost couldn’t wait for it to happen again.

And then the next night...

I was so in tune with his thoughts by now that even though I was half asleep and not paying attention to what he was doing, this particular one sort of jumped out at me.

“Should I ask her out? Maxxie, help me out here, I don’t know what to do.”

I opened my eyes. Five months, I’ve been here. Five months and he’s already thinking of asking someone else out? I rubbed my eyes and got up, looking at what was going on. Eden, his friend from med school, was asleep, leaning on him as a movie played in the background. She’d been helping him out a lot lately and I was grateful for it. It seriously meant a lot to me that someone could offer them some sort of stability.

Anyway, like the good husband I am, I jumped right back into his dream as soon as he was asleep, regardless of how tired it made me. I’d regret it when I got back, but for now, he needed me, and I was gonna be there for him. I wanted him to be happy, and if going out with Eden would make him happy again, then I’d just have to find a way of dealing with it, wouldn’t I?

The End

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