I'll Always Have You

When they got to the school
"Thanks" she ran inside before he could answer
"hmm, Miss.Dart late agian." grins at her
"i am so sorry " I say loudly
"go take your seat"
goes over to walk to her desk but gets tripped but gets up anyway when class is over she goes to her locker to put her books in
"EM" Jacob yells from across the hall
"Hey Jacob, what are you doing here" I say quietly
"to pick you up" hoping she remembers
"oh right yeah, lets go" 
Jenny a mean popular girl comes up to Jacob
"Hi, Your names Jacob right" she asks
"yes ,what is your name?"
"Jenny" smiles at him 
i gotta go, bye " she puts a note in his pocket
"Bye" smiles at her
"Em--" see that shes not there anymore but Jacob sees her running to her house, He trys to run after her but isnt fast enough  to catch her so he goes into his house


The End

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