First Meet


I had to see her. I hadn't even meet her officially and it was already driving me crazy. I knew from the first time I saw her my life wouldn't be the same. The first time we had meet was unofficial, but I could still feel her staring at me during cooking class. Every time I caught her and would try to catch a glimpse of her, she would  turn away almost instantly, cheeks flushed.

Her beautiful hazel eyes were just an addition to that beautiful face. I caught her sometimes staring into space, twisting her finger through those luscious brown curls. I would always wonder what she was thinking about.

That day, the one where we first met, was the magical one I had had in my whole life. That one day, everything changed in my life.

I was causally walking to English when some kid went charging through, pushing everyone back or forward a few steps. Then she accidently bumped into me, spilling all of her books. I knelt down immendiently to help her gather her belongings.

"I think you dropped something," I said, hoping to get a glimpse into her eyes up close. Her head was close to mine so when I took a breath, I smelled her shapoo.

"Um, yah, yes."she studdered. "Um, thanks so much. I must be going, I'm late for chemistry." She said.

Those few moments went by like minutes in slow motion. By that time we had picked up her books and she walked away in a hurry. I wanted to see her again and I was going to. I was sure of that.

The End

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