I Love You


I had to see him. That's all that I had been thinking through my history and chemistry classes. That's who magical he was.

 His big brown eyes. His model-perfect face. That perfect hair. I just couldn't two hours without seeing him. Which, unfortunantly, is what I had to go through everyday. Just when I thought I couldn't go any longer without seeing him, the bell would ring and I would head for fifth period cooking class as fast as my long legs would carry me. It was like I was under his spell.

He was just the most magical creature that had ever walked this earth. I probably sound like some love-sick puppy or something. But I don't care. That's what love does to you, am I right?

Sometimes I would get lucky and see him in the halls. One day, a miracle happened.  I was on my way to chemistry when we both were in the hallway together when someone bumped into me. The klutz I am, I dropped all of the books that I was holding. Mister wonderful came by and actully helped me pick up my books! That was the first time we meet eye-to-eye.

"I think you dropped someting," he said, with that magical tone of his.

"Um, yah, yes. Um, thanks so much. I must be going, I'm late for chemistry." And that was it. He handed me my books, gave me one last smile, and he was off.

The End

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