Will: Dumped

School ended soon enough. The day had been long. I walked out of school and walked slowly home with Matt. We both had our hands jammed in our pockets, not much to say.

"So how's this Maria going?" Matt grinned and laughed at me rolling my eyes.

"She's going...fine? I still have a girlfriend though. I'm not just going to dump her, though she is getting on my nerves a bit." I groaned, right then I didn't notice that she was behind me, and she let out a scream making me jump back in horror.

"I'm getting on your neves?! And who's this 'Maria' girl hm? Are you cheating on me?!" she screamed at me.

"No no, baby of course i'm not." I put my hand on her arm and she yanked it off.

"You're so horrible! I hate you! You're dumped!" she slapped my cheek and stormed off in tears, her two little friends following quickly behind her, both giving me scowls as they went.

I held my cheek in pain and watched Matt laugh. "Dude! You just got owned by a girl in the year below!" he belowed with laughter.

The End

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