William: Jessica's hot.

I walked past Holly's table at lunch, looking at her quickly then looking away. I tried to look for her friend Maria, who texted me last night but failed. One looked like a slag, two girls were kissing their boyfriends and one...well, that could be her. 

I looked at the table I sat at with the jocks, then walked over and sat next to Matt who was engrossed in his lunch. 

"Alright." I nodded once to him and he put his food down. 

"I'm damn fine. Check out her." he pushed my head around in the direction of Holly's table, making me look at Maria and Holly.

"Oh yeah, I spoke to that girl in English. And the other one texted me last night." 

"Look at them man, their hot!" I laughed at his joke.

"Yeah, I suppose. But I have a girlfriend." I replied as my phone buzzed in my pocket, I got it out and looked at it. 

Heey, its Maria. I saw u at lunch tday xxx

I chuckled and replied. 

Yeaah, I saw you too xxx

"Dude. That chick wants you." I laughed and looked over to her blushing and giggling down at her phone. 

"I have told you I have a girlfriend. And right now here she comes." I smiled and stood up to see Jessica, gorgeous, not the best personality but a good kisser. She ran up to me and hugged me, kissing me on the lips so I tasted her cherry lip gloss. 

Jessica was the definition of hot. Every girl in our school envied her, she was popular, sporty, hot, and she was cheerleading captain. 

My type of girl.

The End

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