Holly: surrounded by goo.

I smirked at Maria as we sat down for lunch: I still wasn't sure whether I should have told William about her. Maria might be a bit peed if she knew so I decided to keep it quiet: but I meant well. Still, he had good notice: Maria had a tendency to go overboard when she liked a guy- like everyone our age really. Our lunch table was a fine example: at the far end, Sarah sat with her boyfriend Jack. They'd been going out for a year and a half and it was kindof hard to find one without another: not that I was complaining. They were the token "cute couple" of the group. Then there was May, who had a boyfriend out of school- I wasn't exactly sure of his name. It seemed to change every two weeks. This morning I'd heard a Jonathan or something but I couldn't be certain. Some people may call May a bit of a tart: I prefered to say...well. She wasn't a complete tart. She just got bored of guys a little sooner than normal girls. Ah- here is where I feel completely surrounded by goo. Lurrve goo. The goo that comes from teenage girls that have only just started going out with their new boyfriends. Goo in this case from Becca and Oliver. It was cute, I suppose, to an extent...it just wasn't so fun when you turned to talk to one of them and find them enthralled in..I don't know. Busy looking into each others' eyes or something. Call me a cynic, but I'm a cynic.

Right on cue, Becca and Oliver started their "you're so cute" "no you're cuter" "No, You're cuter" act. I mimed being sick at Maria and she giggled.

'Oh lay off, Holly.' she pulled a face at me. 'They're only having a bit of fun.'

'Yes I don't mind them having a bit of fun but they are doing this in my face and that's not fun to watch.'

Just then, I saw William Taylor walk past in my peripheral vision. It was a bit weird how he hadn't remembered Maria from badminton...especially if it was only yesterday...Hmm. It wasn't something to dwell on right now: it wasn't like Maria was talking about him non-stop.

'Oh! Holly! I forgot to say: I texted back and twenty-seven minutes later he replied! Do you want to read the text?'

I spoke too soon.

The End

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