William: Maria?

I sat in english, bored to death. This wasn't really my type of lesson. 

I turned around and caught a girl looking at me, so I quickly looked back to the front board. But it wasn't a happy look, more confused. I shook my hair and stuck my pencil in my mouth, listening to the bell go and standing up immediately, in a rush to get out. 

I grabbed my bag and shoved all of my books in in awkward positions. The girl walked up to me and tapped me on the shoulder. 

"Excuse me?" I turned to look at her. She was small, quite pretty, but didn't look very popular. 

"Yeah?" I looked down at her. 

"Um...my friend likes you." she smiled and I grinned happily, looking around.

"So where's your friend?" 

"Oh, well she isn't in this class...but her name's Maria." I paused and thought.

"Never heard of her." 

"Well, you soon will." she blushed happily, her cheeks colouring a rosy pink as she swiftly walked out of the classroom.

"Wait!" I called, she smiled and turned.


"What's your name?" I asked, confused. 

"Holly. I'm Holly Young." she called over the classroom to me, then mysteriously walking out. 

The End

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