Holly: "Excuse me?"

I stared at her in bewilderment. Maybe breakfast hadn't kicked in yet: Monday mornings never were my forte, and it wasn't a good idea to give me this information, which I'm sure Maria would want me to be enthusiastic about, so early on. Until nine thirty I run solely on auto-zombie.

'Excuse me?'

'I Love William Taylor. I do!' Maria beamed and clutched her books close to her chest, and I blinked. How did Maria know William Taylor? She wasn't in any of his classes- not that it would make much of a difference: I sat two rows behind him in english lit every day and I got zilch from him. I don't see how Maria could suddenly fall for a guy she saw twice a day in the hallway... 'We were paired up in badminton the other day and he was so chivalrous.'

Ah, badminton, that made sense. He had seemed a bit athletic, but not full on sporty: and he would have had a good game with Maria. She reached pro standard about four years ago, when I was busy trying to actually hit the shuttlecock. The amount of times I've accidentally hit myself in the face with my racket is untrue. 'How can you be chivalrous in badminton?'

'Because! He was, he was a really good sportsman, yknow? And then...look!' She fished her mobile phone from her jacket pocket and I waited, silently willing myself to wake up and seem more interested. I really would be, if it weren't for the fact that Jason Tredell's backpack was representing a pillow and I could just have a quick nap...he wouldn't mind... 'Holly!'

'Whuh? How many?' I shook my head and widened my eyes. 'What am I looking at, sorry?'

'He sent me this text! Nice game today, Johnson. Hope to see you again next week x. Did you hear that? He put an x at the end! An x!'

'Wow!' I rubbed my eyes, and then cursed under my breath as I realised I would have rubbed off all of my eyeshadow onto my hand. 'But Maria...'

'Hmm?' she said absent-mindedly, drifiting through her inbox with a dreamy look on her face. Methinks somebody had a long text convo with a certain boy...

'You don't really know him, do you?'

Maria looked at me confused. 'But he's been going to badminton for months now...and Tom knows him.'

'Tom...as in your ec boyfriend Tom?' As in her ex boyfriend whom she hadn't spoken to for months Tom.

'Yeh...well, it's never to late to make amends, is it?' I laughed. There was no way, in my half-awake condition and her infatuated one that we were going to make any sense to one another. Not for another half an hour, at least.

The End

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