I Love William Taylor.

william taylor happens to be one of those guys whom everybody inexplicably loves. of course, they could all come up with their reasons...just that holly young doesn't understand a single one. maybe it'll take a while before EVERYONE loves william...

I never understood when I was younger. He wasn't one of the "popular" guys, but it always happened. Every few months or so, there'd be a girl crying in the toilets about how this guy never understood, and how if only he knew how she felt about him and if only he felt the same way...

And a fair few times it's been about William Taylor. But here's where it got weird in my head: William was no looker. I mean, no offence, but there were fit guys, and he didn't fit that brief. He wasn't ugly or anything, but nothing special. And he didn't stand out from the rest: wasn't the lead in any play, didn't play solos...I think I'd heard his name mentioned once in assembly one term because he'd won some competition or other. I'd never spoken to him much, maybe the occasional word in class if he wanted to borrow a pencil or if I didn't know the date. Maybe I just wasn't getting it. But boy did I start to.

And it all started when my best friend walked up to me, through the formroom, to proclaim:

'I Love William Taylor.'

The End

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